How to Use NutraSilver for Water Treatment and Purification

Luckily, this may be the simplest and most common application for colloidal silver. It’s one of our favorites and a secret weapon for those who enjoy the outdoors.

NutraSilver is the preferred alternative to water filtration, iodine tablets, chlorine drops and UV light because it is light weight, non-toxic, effective against all microbes, and it goes a long way (one drop cures a full liter).

new bottle

Here’s what you need to do to use NutraSilver for water purification:

  • Collect the water you would like to purify in a container for which you know the volume.
  • Add one (1) drop per liter of water. For a 1 liter bottle, add one drop of Nutrasilver. For a 4 liter bladder, add four drops, etc.
  • Let the container of water sit for 15 – 20 minutes. No need to shake the container, the silver will automatically mix itself evenly. The NutraSilver, for a typical stream-based water source, works in about 6 minutes but we ask you to wait a bit longer for good measure.
  • Then Drink. Refresh.
  • NOTE: If the water you are drinking is very questionable… from stagnant water or lake instead of a stream or river, add two drops for good measure and wait a little longer. Under extreme conditions, say, stagnant pools in slot canyons, filter the water through a shirt or article of clothing and then add two or three drops per liter. After 30 minutes you can drink safely.

Best part about all this? Your water tastes delicious and the NutraSilver actually does your body good. Very cool.