Safe Drinking Water While Traveling

Ever gotten sick while traveling?
Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Having spent many years living and traveling overseas. I’ve learned from sad experience that you can’t trust the tap water in many countries.

So it’s up to you to bring a back up. What’s it going to be?

Let’s chat through a few options, but first, I want to make sure you know how important this is.

How to NOT Ruin Your Vacation

So you have a fun Euro vacation planned with some friends or loved ones, right?

new bottle

You’re going to start in Paris, ride the train to Antwerp, up to Hamburg through Berlin down to Munich, over to Zurich and back to Paris, stopping a day or so inbetween. Nice.

It’s got the makings of a great trip, to be sure.

Well, half way between Paris and Antwerp you take a pit stop in a small town and fill your water bottle from the faucet in the restroom.

Two hours later your bent over on the toilet of the train, rocking back and forth, with everything coming out of both ends.

That zaps your strength, kills your appetite for two days and puts you flat on your back for several days.

You’ve just been hit with the crypto.

The quickest way to ruin your vacation is to get sick. One of the best ways to not let that happen is to bring water treatment drops with you.

It’s important to treat the water before you drank it, especially in third world countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

If you’re out to eat or at a market though, just ask for bottled water and don’t worry about treating it yourself. I’m talking about the times when you’re relegated to using local facilities. Which for me, is quite often.

You have several to popular treatments to choose from:

  • Iodine drops or tablets.
  • Chlorine drops or tablets.
  • Chlorine dioxide drops or tablets.
  • Bleach.

Any of them will do a decent job, but iodine won’t kill the crypto. For most options, all it takes is a few drops and about a half hour and it’s ready to drink.

All of them affect the taste substantially, but most people will trade the bad taste for a healthy vacation any day.

Here’s One Thing You Should Know

All of the above water treatment solutions are quite literally poisonous. Yep. In fact, iodine drops and tablets are banned from being sold in Europe and the others have advisories published about them warning the public against using them for water treatment. Interesting.

Put bleach in your water? Really?

So what’s left?

It’s not practical to bring a full blown water filter with you while you travel…

There are only two real solutions left.

The TWO Best Solutions to Bring With You on Vacation

First. you can go the UV light route with a SteriPEN. Those tend to be good for traveling. They work in 15 minutes. It can be annoying to carry them around with you but if you have a purse it’s not a big deal.

Second, you can use my secret weapon. I break it down over on this page here.