Water Treatment for Emergencies

You’ve got family. You’ve got friends and loved ones. You’ve got your life and health to protect…

Next thing you know, an earthquake. A hurricane? Drought? Flood? Public contamination of the water supply?

What if those loved ones relied on you to kept them safe and well in an emergency?

Do you have 100 gallon drums stored away? How many bottles of purified water did the water guy deliver this week? Is that enough?

Do you have an industrial grade water filter to use?

If you don’t, what do you do? Let’s talk. It’s simpler than you think.

First, let’s understand, this context is one of emergency. In emergencies you’re in survival mode so surviving is the key.

Most are willing to do what it takes to survive in tough times.

To get clean water you can use the traditional methods… iodine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and even bleach, which most households have on hand.

new bottle

All of those methods leave a nasty taste and odor. Above and beyond that, they’re considered to be poisons, toxic poisons, which is why they recommend using them only in times of emergency. Hmmm.

That’s fitting, sure, but is there an better, perhaps, more versatile and non-toxic solution?

Sure is… and it goes beyond just treating water so that it’s consumable. What if you could use the same product you use for water treatment for medicinal purposes to keep you well and healthy and to even treat illnesses and diseases?

Well, that would be the cats meow wouldn’t it?

I want to share with you what I have stored away for emergencies and mention why and how I use it. The uses are endless, it’s a must have in any emergency preparedness kit. 72 hour kit, or year supply.

I go through all the details here.