Water Treatment with Colloidal Silver

Just one drop of NutraSilver
cleans a full liter.

Colloidal silver is the secret weapon in the world of water treatment. It’s safe, natural and extremely effective in treating water because it destroys all manner of waterborne nasty stuff.

Silver has been used for centuries… thousands of years really… as a natural antimicrobial. Nobody knows how humans figured out that elemental silver had some really cool natural antiseptic qualities, but there are records of Gretians using silver coins to maintain the quality of milk and other liquids.

That has carried into the modern era and has been enhanced with the advent of colloidal silver.

Putting a silver coin in the bottom of a flask is one thing, but making a colloid out of it is just awesome.

A colloid refers to a “suspension” of silver particles that are evenly dispersed throughout whatever liquid they find themselves in. This happens because of a slight electrical charge that the particles have.

Colloidal silver is like a heat-seeking missile for pathogens because it naturally spaces out in liquid and acts like a quasi natural filter by killing any pathogen that comes in close proximity to it. It’s as if it stands guard, always watching and waiting to kill the bad guys.

Very cool… especially when you think about the applications of using colloidal silver for treating water in any condition.

How Colloidal Silver Treats Water So Effectively

Colloidal silver is powerful when used as water treatment drops for two main reasons:

  • Spreads evenly. It’s spreads evenly throughout the water, new bottlequickly. You add a few drops to water and you don’t even need to shake it. The silver will spread evenly throughout, very quickly, cleaning the water of pathogens as it goes.
  • Kills pathogens mercilessly. When a single colloidal silver particle is in proximity to an unwanted single-celled organism, like bacteria, it strangles it to death. Literally. The silver particle prevents the “cellular lung” from operating and the cell quickly dies. That means it protects you from any bacteria, virus, or fungus which keeps you safe from botulism, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, giardia, and crypto (just to name a few).

If the colloidal silver is present in enough quantity, it can kill waterborne pathogens very quickly. Many times faster than popular chemical water treatment methods like iodine, chlorine dioxide and bleach without the nasty side effects.

Unlike Iodine and others that are ineffective against things like cryptosporidium, with colloidal silver, there is no single-celled organism that can escape it.

Perhaps the Single Strongest Quality of Colloidal Silver

As compared to other ways to treat water, colloidal silver is completely safe and 100% non-toxic. It’s estimated that over 10 million people in the US take colloidal silver every day as a dietary supplement to help maintain optimal health.

Colloidal silver is one of the most tested and tried dietary supplements in the world and every test known publicly has produced the same results. Colloidal silver beats pathogens to death, always, without harm to the host organism. In fact, in most cases, the host organism thrived in just about every category.

What does that mean to you?

Unlike chlorine, bleach, or iodine, you’re not putting poison in your body. On top of being the best kind of water treatment drops, you’re actually ingesting a powerful, natural antiseptic that helps your body’s immune system perform optimally.

When you’re in the backwoods, what would you rather take: 1) A toxic poison that you should use “only in emergencies” or 2) a natural, life-balancing antiseptic? You choose.

Colloidal Silver is used all the time in Africa.

1 Use for Colloidal Silver is Water Treatment in Africa

It’s true. In Africa, where landlocked tribes and peoples of remote areas can’t get to running water, colloidal silver is used to keep them healthy and clean.

Just painting the inside of a cistern keeps the entire vessel of water clean from contamination.

Only Kills Pathogens

In cases of extreme emergency where toxic chemicals are present in the water that you are wanting to treat, colloidal silver will not guard against that.

That said, in those cases, the pathogens would probably kill you quicker than the unwanted chemicals so colloidal silver probably keep you healthy in most extreme cases. But just realize it does not neutralize chemical contamination at all.

So what makes NutraSilver a special option for water treatment aside from the fact that it is a powerful colloidal silver?