Labs Prove Zero Toxicity in NutraSilver

Bbefore we get specific about NutraSilver, it’s important to know what the EPA says about colloidal silver in general. Even though we didn’t take this at face value because we did our own testing, this is what they said:

The EPA’s I.R.I.S. on Silver states:

EPA“The critical effect in humans ingesting silver is argyria, a medically benign but permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin. Argyria results from the deposition of silver in the dermis and also from silver-induced production of melanin. Although silver has been shown to be uniformly deposited in exposed and unexposed areas, the increased pigmentation becomes more pronounced in areas exposed to sunlight due to photo-activated reduction of the metal. Although the deposition of silver is permanent, it is not associated with any adverse health effects. No pathological changes or inflammatory reactions have been shown to result from silver deposition.”

NutraSilver® is Non-toxic

Toxicity is important to know before you begin to take any Dietary Supplement or medicine.  It is wonderfully assuring to know from these and many other tests that NutraSilver® has ZERO toxicity and cannot harm you in any way.

Usually, when these types of tests are conducted, the mice are expected to diminish there activity, yet the opposite happened: they actually thrived on NutraSilver and even gained weight which is very unusual for toxicity testing. None of the mice was harmed in any way by NutraSilver®.

Some practitioners claim that colloidal silver can build up and damage the liver and kidneys.  This is blatantly false as there is no known evidence to support this rumor.

In FDA-certified lab tests, NutraSilver was tested for toxicity.  What were the results? NutraSilver contains zero toxicity in nearly a half dozen lab tests around the world, including the prestigious Pasteur Institute in France.