Immune System Booster

You’ll find that NutraSilver does a lot for the immune system. It’s one of the most powerful immune boosters that you can add to your health regimen. Before we get in to that, let’s start with the guts of the matter…

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders. These are primarily microbes—tiny organisms such as bacteria, parasites, and fungi that can cause infections. Viruses also cause infections, but are too primitive to be classified as living organisms. The human body provides an ideal environment for many microbes. It is the immune system’s job to keep them out or, failing that, to seek out and destroy them.

Your resistance to pathogens is better known as your immune system. The immune system is your body’s defense mechanism against illness. The system enables your body to know the difference between yourself, germs, and the outside world. Your body sees any illness or outside nuisance such as pollen, as a foreign substance. The body does not like foreign substances because they result in illness, pain, and other physically negative phenomena. That is why your body is set up to battle against what it perceives as an invader.

Your immune system is like a community or team. This team is comprised of many different cells that work together to keep you healthy. They all have specialized functions and ways of communicating with each other. The two important tasks of the immune system are to kill and to remember. Killing and remembering involves recognizing foreign invaders. Nature is teeming with invaders ready to infect our bodies. Thus, our immune system is equipped to specifically recognize the differences between different invaders referred to as pathogens.

But in spite of our fantastic defenses, hostile invaders still manage to get through. Some enter along with our food, while others may sneak in via the nose. And, as we all know, many things can break through our skin. In everyday life we often receive cuts or scrapes, and every time this happens we face the risk of a full-scale invasion from bacteria or viruses. What is the magic, then, that keeps us healthy most of the time?

When we receive a cut, and when invaders enter the body, cells are destroyed. The dying cells trigger an automatic response called inflammation, which includes dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow. An inflammation is the body’s equivalent to a burglar alarm. Once it goes off, it draws defensive cells to the damaged area in great numbers. Increased blood flow helps defensive cells reach the place where they’re needed. It also accounts for the redness and swelling that occur.

Immune Cells: The Defense

The defensive cells are more commonly known as immune cells. They are part of a highly effective defense force called the immune system. The cells of the immune system work together with different proteins to seek out and destroy anything foreign or dangerous that enters our body. It takes some time for the immune cells to be activated – but once they’re operating at full strength, there are very few hostile organisms that stand a chance.

But the really cool thing about the immune system is that it has the ability to “remember” enemies that it has fought in the past. If the immune system detects a “registered” invader, it will strike much more quickly and more fiercely against it. As a result, an invader that tries to attack the body a second time will most likely be wiped out before there are any symptoms of disease. When this happens, we say that the body has become immune.

New Study Reveals That Antibiotics Damage Our Immune System

This study focuses on other fascinating points, but the conclusion is unavoidable: The use of antibiotics must be causing chronic diseases.

A new Caltech study has shown that our intestinal bacteria determine which bacteria are beneficial and which are pathogenic. Even more significantly, it is the gut bacteria that trigger an immune response, not the immune system itself. This indicates that science and medicine need to completely rethink the current view of how the immune system operates. That’s the intriguing conclusion that the paper published in science reached.

Though unstated, it leads to another inescapable conclusion: The common use of antibiotics must be disrupting and harming our ability to distinguish pathogens from normal cells and bacteria.

Each person’s gut contains 100 trillion friendly bacteria that live in symbiosis with each other and with our bodies, consisting of a mere 10 trillion cells, which are descendents of and analogs to bacteria.

The probable cause of much autoimmune disease must be the indiscriminate use of antibiotics!

We are seeing an enormous upswing in autoimmune diseases, and it seems to coincide with the massive misuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics are known to indiscriminately kill gut bacteria. This study demonstrates that at least one type of gut bacteria prevents the immune system from attacking it. If it, or any other gut bacteria that might be involved with the autoimmune system, is being wiped out by antibiotics, then there is nothing to stop an autoimmune response. Therefore, the indiscriminate use of antibiotics should be considered the probable cause of so much chronic disease.

Natural Mineral Can Boost Your Immune System

NutraSilver is the first line of defense for immune threats. And because NutraSilver kills bacterial, viral new bottleand fungal infections, and lessens the load placed on the immune system, it has become a popular alternative to traditional antibiotics.

Because NutraSilver is absorbed through the stomach and small bowel, silver has no effect on the large bowel which is the home of approximately 3 pounds of bacteria that are required for each percent of your immune system. When any antibiotic is consumed, this entire 3 pound colony of bacteria is utterly and completely decimated. Imagine, at a time when you’re ill and you really do need your immune system, antibiotics actually destroy it.

By allowing this good gut flora to remain intact in the large bowel NutraSilver helps boost the immune system safely and effectively.

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