Questions About the Company and Product

About NutraSilver

Who owns NutraSilver?

Beneficial Solutions, L.L.C., is the trademark owner of NutraSilver, a high-potency colloidal silver product and was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2003.

In the summer of 2006, it was discovered quite by accident, that NutraSilver was highly effective at eliminating issues of Morgellons.

Knowing virtually nothing about Internet marketing, they set out on their journey of distributing NutraSilver globally to those who desperately wanted to eliminate their Morgellons problems.

What inspired Beneficial Solutions to do this?

research scientistThey saw the tremendous suffering that Morgellons people were enduring without any hope and he wanted to contribute to the elimination of their Morgellons issues. As time went on, out of necessity, the company learned how to successfully intervene in Morgellons suicides, averaging two preventions per week. A truly humbling experience.

The company spends a great deal of time researching Morgellons and speaking to some of the world’s leading scientists who are desperate to find the cause and solution to this horrific malady.

How is the company different as a company?

Beneficial Solutions, LLC was started out of the love of humanity, not for the love of money. When we discovered the potent affects NutraSilver has on germs, we felt a strong moral obligation to distributed it globally.

What drives us?

It is such as great honor to be of service to mankind this way.  We help people from all walks of life around the world to help them to enhance health and vitality in their lives.

Do you offer a guarantee? How can you do that?

new bottle

Our guarantee is unique and well respected throughout the colloidal silver industry. We do this for two primary reasons; firstly, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are confident that you will get the results you desire. Secondly, we know colloidal silver works and in 8 years have experienced few returns. We take the financial risk for your purchase so that you don’t have to. That is why there is a 60-day money-back guarantee on your first order. We want you to heal and we feel that this is the very best way to encourage you to use NutraSilver.

NutraSilver Plus: The Product

In 2011, we introduced NutraSilver Plus, a high-potency colloidal silver nano-silver product with 3,600 parts per million (PPM).

How is the product different than other colloidal silvers?

Fundamentally, there are two ways of creating colloidal silver; you can make your own at home or you can buy it at a retail store. Colloidal Silver generators always produce ionic silver, generally in the 10 to 20 ppm range. Store-bought colloidal silver is almost always ionic silver as well and is also in the 10 to 20 ppm range. NutraSilver, on the other hand, is manufactured using real silver nanometer-sized particles from Earth.

 Is it really 3600 ppm?

NutraSilver has been tested and has been certified to be at least 3600 ppm.

Why is it brown?

Ionic silver is almost always clear because there is no actual silver in it. There are silver ions in ionic silver so there is nothing for natural light to reflect off of. This is the reason that it is clear.

NutraSilver, being made with real silver from Earth, does reflect natural light. The stronger the parts per million, the darker the color will appear; NutraSilver is dark yellow as it should be. NutraSilver is made with distilled water and nanometer-sized silver particles.

NutraSilver is 3600 ppm because the majority of our customers are trying to work through situations that require a higher potency. Should you decide that NutraSilver’s potency is too high for you, you can always diluted it with distilled water. It is interesting to note that a one 1 ounce bottle of NutraSilver will produce 46, 8 ounce bottles of 10 ppm silver. This is what makes NutraSilver such a wonderfully economic purchase.

How big are the nano particles?

NutraSilver particle size, according to laboratory tests, is in the very low nanometer range.

Where is NutraSilver manufactured?

NutraSilver is manufactured in the United States. This is extremely important to us since we want to ensure the highest quality available for customers.

Am I going to turn blue?

Turning blue is a non-medical cosmetic condition called Argyria. Since the early 1970’s, every major manufacturer of colloidal silver on earth moved away from large silver particles, the major cause of argyria, to nanometer-sized silver particles. When you look around you and realized that approximately 1 in 30 people you meet use colloidal silver on a daily basis, you begin to realize how silly it is to think about turning blue. Why? Well, how many blue people have you met in your entire life? Probably none….

What is the benefit of having a true colloidal silver?

True colloidal silvers, by definition, are the most potent and safe colloidal Silver you could take.

What is the history of colloidal silver?

Humans have been using colloidal silver for arguably 3,000 years or longer without anyone being injured, harmed or dying that we know of. We have conducted cyto-toxicity tests and they all came back with the same conclusion; there is zero toxicity in NutraSilver.

How long does it take for colloidal silver to work?

Well, the answer to this question really depends on how much you’re taking, the current condition of your immune system, and many other factors. Some folks have reported results in an hour while others have reported results taking weeks depending upon the situation they’re trying to remedy.

Do I need to store it in the fridge?

Well, NutraSilver does not need refrigeration because it is metallic silver.

What are things to remember when using colloidal silver?

Never combine any colloidal silver with minerals. This changes it from colloidal silver to a silver compound that might be harmful. This is the reason that we insist that you never combine colloidal silver with tap or mineral water which is laden with natural minerals.

  • Please do not use any metal in contact with colloidal silver.
  • Most importantly follow the instructions. When you do that you will see astonishing results and if you don’t follow the instructions, well, we really have no idea what results you will get.
What is a “Herxheimer reaction” using colloidal silver?

The only known reaction is a condition commonly referred to as a “healing crisis” or a Herxheimer Reaction (herx). This is caused by the elimination of germs in the body too quickly thereby overwhelming your body’s elimination systems from ridding itself of the toxic load that is created. A Herx is avoidable by ramping-up slowly, drinking tones of non-tap water and following the instructions.