Sustained and Optimal Health with NutraSilver

As a immune system booster, NutraSilver® is Unsurpassed

sustained healthNutraSilver® taken daily helps fight infections, viruses, disease, contagion outbreak and serious burn toxicity. The daily ingestion of NutraSilver is like having a second immune system. It lessens the load on the body’s natural immune system, and effectively kills the many thousands of viruses and bacteria that are present throughout the body. In addition, it lessens the toxicity due to the average amount of virus and bacterial activity that occurs naturally in the body. However, tests have shown that, due to the high absorption of silver into the small intestine, the “friendly bacteria in the large intestine are unaffected”. This “second immune system” acts parallel to, and independent of, the body’s own first line of defense, which is a major advantage in warding off outbreaks of influenza or other germ, plaque or pestilence.

Your Health Then and Now

Remember back to when you were a child? How many people were sick then?  There were many fewer people that were ill than there are now, right?  What changed?

Throughout our daily lives we are constantly being exposed to toxins in the air, our food supply and in our drinking water. There are new and frightening new diseases cropping up everywhere.  Many people believe that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) contribute to our poor health. Some also believe the Chemical spraying (chem-trails) contribute to poor health as well.

What Does Your Immune System Do?

For the most part, your immune system is there to protect you from bacteria, fungus, viruses and toxins. Your immune system works hard to keep you healthy.

What would your immune system do if it did not have to protect you this way by fighting off infections? Your immune system would keep you young and healthy!  That is what happens when you take NutraSilver®; it kills these harmful pathogens so your immune system does not have to work so hard to keep you healthy.

The result?  Many customers tell us that taking Nutrasilver® this way helps to keep them young and vigorous.

sick kids that need NutraSilver

Children and Diseases

If you have kids, then you know that when they go to school, they bring home colds, flues and other contagious diseases.  These diseases are then spread throughout the family and just about the time everyone begins to feel better, the kids bring home a new disease and the cycle continues. So, what can you do about it?

You can take steps to prevent diseases by taking NutraSilver®. NutraSilver®, when taken daily, kills harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus quickly and safely. We conducted a survey in February, 2010 of our customers and asked them “what is the primary reason you are taking NutraSilver®?” and 36% of the respondents replied they are taking NutraSilver® to prevent infections and to keep them out of their bodies.

NutraSilver® is so safe to use, you can place it directly into your eyes for pink-eye and for ear and sinuses for quick relief from infections. Even strep throat is no match for NutraSilver®.  If you want scientific proof, then read our FDA-certified in-vitro lab reports.

Can You Maintain Great Health Most of the Time?

So now you have a choice; you can wait to get sick, then take NutraSilver® to shorten the recovery time, usually by about 50%, or you can take NutraSilver® before you become ill and stay healthy more of the time. It is estimated that over 10 million Americans take some form of colloidal silver daily as a preventative, so why not you? You and your family deserve to enjoy great health too, right?