Emergency Water Purification with NutraSilver

Natural Water Purifier using Colloidal Silver

“I just returned from a 7 day backpacking trip with my family. We used Nutrasilver everyday to purify our water. My wife and daughter said it was the best water they have tasted, I knew it was the safest. Map, compass, Nutrasilver….from now on.”


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Water Applications for NutraSilver®

Survivalist best choice for safe drinking waterTo speak of water is to speak of life. While most people do not realize that non-palatable pathogenic drinking water is the number one killer of humans in the world, it presents a unique opportunity for NutraSilver®, a natural mineral, to solve this age-old problem.

Without good water to drink, you wouldn’t last very long in a survival situation.  For emergency preparedness, drinking pathogen-free water should be at the top of your list.  Without good drinking water your chances of getting a disease that relates to water, such as giardia or crypto, could easily effect you and your family.

Why Should I Filter Drinking Water?

There are many benefits to using a filter for drinking water. For survival purposes, it all boils down to getting rid of the nasty organisms that have contaminated the ground water and even the public supply of drinking water.

There are basically 3 types of pathogens that can reside in drinking water. They are:

      • Viruses such as Hepatitis A and Rotavirus which range between 0.02 – 0.2 microns.
      • Bacterial organisms like E-coli, Cholera and Salmonella range between 0.2 – 5 microns.
      • Protozoan elements like Cryptosporidium and Giardia range between 1 – 15 microns.

All these organisms can be deadly and can be removed with an effective colloidal silver bottle in your backpack.

NutraSilver bottleImagine, you and your family can have safe drinking water wherever you are for just pennies and without the need to boil water or use harsh chemicals or drugs. There are many ways to purify water that use harmful chemicals (chlorine) or boiling, but they are either harmful to your health or cumbersome when camping or hiking. NutraSilver® weighs 1 ounce and can be carried where ever you go.

NutraSilver®, a natural mineral, is inexpensive (one 30ml bottle contains enough drops to purify approximately 1,000 liters of the most pathogenic water drinking water on earth). Colloidal silver is used by millions of people around the world to kill water-born pathogens. Third-world countries use it to purify their drinking water and to wash their fruits and vegetables without fear of microbial infection.

Used as a water purifier, NutraSilver® is portable and is now being used by backpackers, international travelers, solders and anyone who must have drinking water that is pathogenic-free and completely safe to drink. Sold globally for over 15 years, not one person has ever been harmed in any way and countries like Mexico use colloidal silver routinely in every aspect of their daily lives.