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Highly-Concentrated 3600 PPM Colloidal Silver

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NutraSilver Plus 3,600 ppm

Powerful 3,600 ppm Formula

Raw and Pure Metallic Silver

Nanosized Silver Particles

Safe & Effective

Buy High Quality Colloidal Silver?

NutraSilver is the Best Colloidal Silver in the World!

Are you looking for effective and safe natural anti-microbial in order to boost your own health and that of your family? NutraSilver Power Pack stands for vibrant health and well being by fencing off a wide spectrum of microbes and ailments. NutraSilver has a proven record of 9 years of very satisfied customers who reported that NutraSilver has helped their Morgellons, MRSA, Candida and General Health while supercharging their immune system.

Buy Colloidal Silver Now and you will get:

  • Safety and Results

    Kills harmful pathogens quickly and with zero toxicity as established by a variety of FDA/ISO-certified independent lab tests.

  • Power

    Our 3,600 ppm concentration: 7 times more effective than the leading 500 PPM product.

  • Natural Power

    Pure, natural, nanometer-sized silver particles from mother earth.

  • Quality

    Manufactured exclusively in the United States and tested for highest quality.

  • Freedom

    The ability to choose the concentration of your natural anti-microbial as needed.

  • Precision

    The new eye dropper for an accurate application.

  • Money

    Each bottle is capable of creating 38 x 8 oz. bottles of 10 PPM colloidal silver.

  • More Freedom

    Our 60-Day money back guarantee on your first order and free shipping.

Every bottle is manufactured at an FDA-registered facility in the US bottled in amber non-toxic, non-BPA plastic bottles. Our extensive in-vitro FDA/ISO-certified lab tests showed zero toxiticy and confirmed a strong anti-microbial quality.

That is why you can trust NutraSilver to deliver the results you need! Plus, we provide you with a full 60-Day money back guarantee on your first order and of course free shipping.

Powerful Colloidal Silver

Satisfied & Healthy

Try NutraSilver today and see why 10,000s of people trust NutraSilver to satisfy their health needs. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, we will give you a 60-day, 100%, money-back guarantee on your first order.

Over 10000

Satisfied Customers

Powerful & Effective

At 3,600 PPM, NutraSilver is the best colloidal silver product and is unlike any store-bought or homemade product. NutraSilver uses a potent amount, is safe when used as directed, and saves you money.

3600 ppm

High Power Concentration

Cost Effective

How can a single bottle of 3600 PPM NutraSilver produce 38 full 8-ounce bottles of 10 PPM colloidal silver? Watch this!

$ 552

Savings Comparatively

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