What is Colloidal Silver and What Can It Do For You?

The 21st century has seen many interesting and unexpected developments the fields of treatment and health. One of the trends has been a rekindled interest in the treatments of the past. For centuries, certain herbs, minerals and other remedies were used by many cultures in many different parts of the world as an effective means of combating a variety of ailments and illnesses. But as time progressed and more modern, synthetic chemical treatments became available, many of these cultural treatment traditions fell out of favor.

Now, things have changed, and both science and the public are revisiting many of these traditional methods as anti-biotics gradually lose their effectiveness and people take a more active interest in controlling their own health and welfare. One of these treatments is, surprisingly, silver. And NutraSilver specializes in offering wholesale colloidal silver for your health supplement needs.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

There’s no secret or complex scientific filtering method involved here; wholesale colloidal silver is exactly what you NutraSilver-30ml (2)imagine. This is pure silver, the age old element that has been with humanity for almost as long as our cultures have had a concept of valuable metals. Silver has had many uses over the centuries, including as a valuable metal of trade, a material for jewelry and other forms of metallurgy, and, in the right, small, controlled amounts, as a treatment for ailments.

Where colloidal silver gets is name is from the unique method of preparation. Colloidal suspension is a scientific term that refers to solid particles which are put into a liquid, but do not melt or dissolve. Instead, they maintain their solid state, but, due to the colloidal process of particles and molecules naturally distributing evenly throughout a space, they are suspended throughout the solution. In other words, a treatment is a specifically calculated particulates of silver added to a fluid, and, in this case, meant to be taken orally.

How Does It Work?

For centuries, silver has been known to have disinfectant and germicidal properties. Even in the 20th century, soldiers in the trenches used silver leaf as a makeshift disinfectant when they treated their wounds, and physicians put it in eye-drops to treat ophthalmic problems because of the anti-microbial properties of the element.

Silver has what is known as a oligodynamic effect on algae, fungi and bacteria. This simply means that, even in tiny amounts, silver can be toxic to microorganisms and effectively kills them, a phenomenon that was scientifically confirmed as far back as 1893 by Swiss researcher Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli. Because of this it was understood that carefully controlled amounts of silver could have tangible health benefits, although, in the latter half of the 20th century, the rise and standardization of anti-biotics made the use of colloidal silver a less popular alternative.

Today, that has changed, and that is one of the reasons why we are offering wholesale colloidal silver to the people that want it once more.

What Colloidal Silver Does For You

Because of the anti-microbial properties of colloidal silver, it has many applications as a remedy and even general health supplement. It can work as a daily preventive, helping you maintain your health when you are at your best, by ensuring harmful infections and bacteria don’t gain a foothold on your body. But even if you’re not healthy, and are already suffering from some kind of ailment, colloidal silver may be used to provide relief for some of the troubling symptoms that can have a debilitating impact on your ability to enjoy life.

Morgellons, for example, is a mysterious and—surprisingly—still largely unknown illness that affects the skin in a variety of uncomfortable ways, from itching, crawling sensations to actual boils and lesions. The causes and treatments for this disorder are still not well understood and undergoing extensive study even today, but research has shown the use of colloidal silver is an effective way to fight this illness and help many people to regain their health as the medical sciences struggle to understand this disease.

For people with Lyme disease, the oligodynamic effect of colloidal silver may be yet another effective tool in the existing arsenal to fight this often unexpected and surprising illness. Because Lyme disease is the direct result of a bacteriological transmission from a parasite—namely the Deer Tick, in the North American region—silver’s well known toxicological effect as an anti-microbial agent may be quite helpful. And because it is not a prescription drug, it is also easier to obtain.

These are just a few of the ways in which this compound can be a surprising supplement and remedy for people that want alternatives to conventional, expensive synthetic chemical treatments. And that is why considering colloidal silver provides a sensible combination of more affordable cost with a promising, healthy remedy alternative.