Using Colloidal Silver For Staph Infections

There are few things that can sideline plans faster than staph infections. Although quite common, they are often difficult to fight and can leave sufferers feeling and looking terrible. In some cases staph infections can become quite serious requiring aggressive action to prevent complications.

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What Is a Staph Infection?

Staph is the shortened name for Staphylococcus (pronounced: staf-uh-low-kah-kus), a type of bacteria. These bacteria can live harmlessly on many skin surfaces, especially around the nose, mouth, genitals, and anus.

But when the skin is punctured or broken for any reason, staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection.

What are the different types of Staph Infection?

There are more than 30 species in the staph family of bacteria, and they can cause different kinds of illnesses — for example, one kind of staph can cause urinary tract infections. But most staph infections are caused by the species Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus).

S. aureus most commonly causes skin staph infections like folliculitis, boils, impetigo, and cellulitis that are limited to a small area of a person’s skin. S. aureus can also release toxins (poisons) that may lead to illnesses like food poisoning or toxic shock syndrome.

Staph infection is all around us and getting much worse. Many of you have heard of MRSA, a deviant of staph infection, this kind of staph is not only rampant in hospitals, prisons and schools, but it is completely impervious to any antibiotic since it has mutated over the years.

Very Serious Staph Infections

Although rare, infections caused by S. aureus can occasionally become very serious. This happens when the bacteria move from a break in the skin into the bloodstream. This can lead to infections in other parts of the body, such as the lungs, bones, joints, heart, blood, and central nervous system.

Staph infections in other parts of the body are less common than staph skin infections. They are more likely in people whose immune systems have been weakened by another disease — or by certain medications, like chemotherapy for cancer.

How to Protect Yourself

NutraSilver is a powerful protection against any infection like staph. It’s natural, easy to take, easy to get, harmless to the body, and extremely effective. It’s a next generation colloidal silver product that has been tested in FDA-certified in-vitro independent laboratory tests and proven to be amazingly effective against Staph infections.

NutraSilver is on record for killing 5.76 BILLION staphylococcus aureus bacteria cells after 24 hours at a total kill rate of 99.99% with just one drop of NutraSilver.

We invite you to try NutraSilver® since we offer a money-back product guarantee, you have nothing to loose.

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