How Do You Get Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons disease is one of the most mysterious, controversial and devastating health conditions known to man. How is that so? Because nobody has a clear answer to a critical question:

Where Does Morgellons Come From and How Do You Get It?

It makes sense that if you know where a disease comes from and how it is contracted, you’d be that much closer to finding a cure. Luckily, that’s not the case with Morgellons. There is a treatment and we still have no definitive answer as to where it comes from.slideshow_fright-hand-2

Down through the years we have heard many people and scientists speculate as to the cause of Morgellons disease. There’s so much confusion around the subject that if you were to ask some of the world’s leading Morgellons researchers, they can’t even tell us if this disease is a bacterial, viral, fungal or something entirely new.

Air, food, and water. Some people say that Morgellons has been released into the air, food, and water supply on a global scale. Others believed Morgellons was introduced through the food supply; particularly digital bovine dermatitis (DBD).

Cattle and livestock. Over the last 20 years, scientists have discovered lesions and multicolored fibers in the hoofs of cattle throughout North America. These scientists believe that Morgellons gets into our food supply this way.

Chemtrails. Another story is that Morgellons is man-made and is dispensed via chemtrails in the sky. Research has demonstrated some very nasty bacteria and heavy metals being sprayed upon us, yet scientists have failed to positively connect the dots.

Nano-technology. Still other scientists go more Sci-Fi with theories that Morgellons is a nano machine infestation created by humans to take over and control the human body.

There certainly is no shortage of theories here and each theory you hear does only one thing for you… it pushes you farther away from what matters most.

Here’s What Really Matters…

Perhaps you will consider this: it doesn’t really matter where Morgellons came from or how you got it. It’s real and it’s here. So what matters most is getting rid of it by eliminating your symptoms so that you can get your life back. That is what we are all bottle

We all want to know WHY. But that’s not what matters. What matter is YOU and getting your life back.

Everyone has a story. The road that Morgellons sufferers are forced to go down is a difficult one, but there is a real Morgellons treatment that works which will restore your life.

In just a few weeks, you can get your life back and live symptom-free. And we guarantee that.

NutraSilver has proven, down through the years, that when taken as directed using our protocol, it eliminates Morgellons symptoms. In the first 3 – 4 weeks of treatment, you will see your Morgellons symptoms dramatically reduce to a point where they are almost, if not completely gone.

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  1. Michele and Madison
    Michele and Madison says:

    Merry Christmas to you Russell I was going to call and tell you this was the best Christmas I’ve ever had as the treatment plan you sent to us is finally working on Madison. She is smiling again and the lesions starting drying up a couple of days before Christmas it took a while but I believe shes been infected for years with this scourge as far back as 04 anyway was going to call but didn’t want to bother you on the holidays but you made mine the best will be in touch thank you thank you thank you always the best Michele Mullins

  2. becky slighton
    becky slighton says:

    I have been suffering from many of the symptoms listed here, but do not have open lessions, I have no visible rash on my body, my scalp breaks out in bumps that itch intensely, I have flushing in my cheeks, and rash around my nose. Could this be morgellons? I have been searching for answers, seen Dermatologist, PCP, and even Psychiatrist, any information would be helpful. Thank, you

  3. marjorie subotin
    marjorie subotin says:

    I cannot tell u what a relief it is to finally know what is wrong with me. With Doctor’s treating me like I’ve lost my mind, it is a God send to have some proof there is some way to stop the insanity. For more than two years I thought that bugs were biting me and was losing my mind. i moved seven times in two years and lost everything I own thinking that bugs were the problem. As soon as I read about this debilitating disease I cried and was physically ill, I believe that the doctors and specialists knew what I had and chose to let me think , I was mentally deranged. Shame on them. Thank u for some answers.

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:


      Thanks for taking the time to post your comments here. I am so sorry you have been through so much with doctors and moving and all..

      Marjorie, there is no need to suffer from Morgellons any longer; we can help you eliminate your symptoms so you can return to a normal life once again. Please consider getting 8 bottles of NutraSilver and follow the instructions exactly. Better yet, call us for a free consultation; you do not have to do this alone. We have helped thousands of Morgellons sufferers and we would love to help you as well. 888-240-2326


  4. Sharlene M
    Sharlene M says:

    I did not even know this disease existed until yesterday the 31st of March, I was looking up my symptoms, mine started with a bald patch, was told it was temporary alopecia and would go away in 6 months. Then was getting mad itching crawling feelings in my ears first, was told quit scratching, nothing bigger then your elbow to go in my ear, haha, I couldn’t help it, it was so intense, then next thing I knew was scratching my underwear lines like crazy, thought it was just dry skin as have that every winter sensitive skin, then my legs and dry skin thinking again, then my arms, face, neck, hairline, so was treated for scabies, did 6 tubes didn’t do a thing, my Dr. was giving me numerous creams and antihistamine’s. Nothing worked am now covered from head to toe in huge scabs and scars, and weeping holes in my skin, literally holes, very upset as they are attacking my tattoo’s which I pay a pretty penny for, also all over my face!!!! I am so embarrassed to even go outside people look at me like I have leprosy, and I just want to cry, am not hungry, my lower back in my kidney area hurts like crazy, I am disabled due too many injuries they are not going to fix, as I was told they don’t do surgery on things like that, was told when it becomes unbearable it will be replaced with new joints?? I thought that I was at that point, hence not being able to work, I am 48 years old and have worked since I was 11, so I thought and said wouldn’t it be easier to do arthoscopic surgery and sew things up instead of replacement surgery???Was having a hard time dealing with that, so seeing a therapist, so started getting all these symptoms and when I searched a bit was a site to buy some organic liquid as it was a unknown mite maybe caused by sparrows and other birds, so went back to my Dr. last week and said this new cream isn’t working, I was given to his intern to let her analyze me, so she is asking me some weird questions, I thought at first was getting these symptoms from feeding sparrows as it has some of the same symptoms, and was asking if that’s what it could be, was trying to show her when I pull off a scab it has all these hairs, she freaked and told me not too do that, I was asking could it be the bird mites, as I also just moved into an apt with an overhang above the balcony, and it has a lot of bird poop on it, so was trying to see if I should get it washed, so she asked me if I always see things that aren’t there when I was trying to show her the hairs, there was a clump of them right where I picked it off, I asked her to grab them/it she said it’s your skin, I said no it isn’t, and I answered her question as she asked again, I said well if I’m seeing it then it’s there to me isn’t it??? She ran to my Dr. and came back with a prescription for Olanzapine (Zyprexa) it’s a looney toon medication, for delusional parasitosis, in other words I’m imagining these things!!!!! UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! Also being that I am a germaphobe and am seeing a therapist as I am not handling not working very well, he just thinks I’m nuts!!!! Now that I am quite certain I have this Morgellons, how am I going to convince him, well in my city I can buy the collodal silver here, and it’s only a few blocks away, so can hide my face as best I can when I go to get this stuff, so it’s the Easter holiday and they may not be open tomorrow on Monday, but as soon as I get some, will give you week by week up dates to see if and how it’s working, does it all come in the same strength??? Is it all made by one company??? Do I just take it by spoonful or add to water/juice or anything else, I prefer water??? Any info on this silver mixture would be tremendously helpful, I don’t know what to do, I couldn’t have a Easter dinner with my 2 girls, as I was terrified they would get this too, as all 3 of us have compromised immune systems. My oldest has asthma, my youngest is celiac, and mine due to Hep C, but was given treatment for that and have tested negative since 2007, I would die if I gave them this it would definitely send me over the edge, I’m not perfect, I admit to needing some therapy in dealing with certain things, but am ready to lose it here feel so alone, and not being able to see my girls for the holiday is killing me, how sad I am about that and is there Easter stuff going to be contaminated as my oldest took hers home about 5 days ago, is she going to be alright???? I don’t care so much about me, but my girls are my world they are 23 and 25 and still get Easter and any other holiday goodies, as they don’t have or want kids, I hope she doesn’t get this it’s horrific, please help me PLEASE!!!!! :'(

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Sharlene ,

      End your suffering!!! Get NutraSilver (other colloidal silver do not work) and end your suffering!

      Call us an let us help you; 888-240-2326


    • Shane and April
      Shane and April says:

      We feel so bad for you, but your not alone! My husband and I are both suffering from this horrific disease, too. While researching cures so we can get our lives back; we read your post. Your situation is VERY much like my life. I’m curious if you have started the nutrasilver treatment thus far? If so, how are you feeling? We hope all is well and your feeling better!

      God Bless!
      April and Shane

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      We have been told CedarCide offers an effective product; call them (800-842-1464) and tell them NutraSilver sent you there for Morgellons home treatment. It is a fogger.

  5. Holly
    Holly says:

    I was given a scottish fold kitten from a vet who saved them from being put to sleep. The kitten is now 3 years old I have taken her to the vet over and over again. The vet tells me the cat has O C D she has always had a skin condition. Scratching, loss of fur bald spots. about 8 mos ago I developed a rash I went to the doctors. I thought it was lice maybe. have never had lice.. Also My son had just passed a month before I developed this condition.. The doctor told me it’s just dry skin, I maybe developing psoriasis and it’s due to the loss of my son and my depression. I listened and did what I was told even though I thought the doctor waswrong very wrong. This rash with it sores is painfull It fills like my skin is cwrling and like bugs are biting me. when I rub on lotion lint seams to be coming from my skin. I have no tvisited my grand kids I don’t want to give this to them. I’m at the point of having my cat put to sleep and then doing the same to myself. they are in my ears my eyes my nose and else where..I’m not rich I had to cash in my life insurance to pay for my sons cremation. Next month it will be one year with out him. I’m willing to try this product God knows I have tried everythig else. The sleepless nights the itch and pain going to work with red eyes and rash. I just tell them what the doctor told me.. Can my cat get help too?? She has been my only friend for the past year I don’t think I could bear to lose here.. THANK YOU for the web page. this has helped more then you will ever know..

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:


      Go visit your grand-kids; Morgellons is NOT contagious. Your cat should heal in about 2 weeks or less and you should heal in about 4 to 5 weeks. NutraSilver works and we guarantee your satisfaction with a money back guarantee for 60 days. You don’t need to be rich, really, because NutraSilver costs about $6/day for the first month and then about $ .45/day thereafter.

      Please call for your free Morgellons consultation with staff that has over 7 years of experience helping Morgellons sufferers like yourself. 888-240-2326 8-5 M-F PST

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      Holly, I have the same disease as they call it – whatever it is. I also stayed away from loved ones and tbh the ones that saw me were visibly scared of what I had because nobody knew. I actually thought I was going to loose an arm and a leg it got sooo bad. I was hospitalized for 3 days and did skin wraps 3 times a day and they put me on all sorts of medication when the most I ever take is a panadol, but I was happy to do anything to come good!
      I do think STRESS! is a huge factor in all this as I was raped and three weeks later this emerges.I too have all the symptoms described and yes its like parasites on ur body and yes they r f real but medical profession cant explain it – I had biopsys – blood tests and nothing. but I know its not normal and I bombed my house with pesticides-got those black things that do come crawling out of ur skin. Now have lesions and didnt even know about Morgellons till after all this. But listening to everyones comments – We r not delusional. It has happened and I treat mine with cortisone and derm cream. I do think cos I am not stupid – that it is a mite or parasite that exists on most of us but if u r vulnerable, have skin allegies in family as well as asthsma as mine all do the devil raises its ugly head and plays havoc with our body.;

      • nutrasilver
        nutrasilver says:


        After 7 years of helping Morgellons sufferers, you are absolutely right about stress and Morgellons. We have learned that severe emotional distress will provoke a serious Morgellons outbreak. The only thing you can do is find a way to represent what happened to you in a way that reduces stress an minimizes your reaction.

        We hope you decide to allow us to help you get rid of your Morgellons symptoms, we really do.

        Feel free to call for a free consultation so we can get you on the right rack to relief. 888-240-2326; be sure to leave a message.

  6. Tina
    Tina says:

    Anyone doubting whether to take nutrasilver-don’t.It does work.I have been taking it for quite a while now and in the past I have run out or forgot to take it and it is scary how quickly it comes back .Because the “fibres” leave your body as soon as you resume taking nutrasilver it can appear as it isn’t working.Just carry on,it will get better.

  7. john m sandoval
    john m sandoval says:

    I treated my face and scalp for demodex mites with Sargent’s flea & tick shampoo for dogs. Contains 0.10% permethrin and putting tea tree oil on my face for about thirty days. As soon as I applied tea tree oil on my face – specks of glitter were oozing out of my pores. The itching stopped and the glitter has not returned!
    However; I feel itch in my nose and I dig out some mite looking things with my finger. They do not move, but I see them on my finger.
    What is it and can nutra silver stop this ?

  8. john m sandoval
    john m sandoval says:

    Dermotologist prescribed pills of Ivermectin for demodicosis but I refused to take them because Ivermectin is harmful to the liver.
    Cured myself with dog shampoo and tea tree oil on my face.
    Is Nutra Silver harmful to any part of my body ?

  9. JoAnne Parker
    JoAnne Parker says:

    I think its the result of ingesting gmo foods, in fact I think its really a combination of evils that plague us in todays world…we lack many things, trace minerals for one, vitamins, oxygen is less available to us in our atmosphere we are totally overwhelmed by others substances in our environment in the wrong places…. remnants of drugs in our water, food chemicals, artificial colors,flavors, hormones soooo many things that should not be, are, all these combined make us susceptable to any number of parasitic predators whether airborn, waterborn, or any combination of sources… single-celled or, multi-celled or oportunistic we do not no about everything that exists in this world thats large enough to see….let alone that which the human eyes can not detect….

  10. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I have been struggling, living in fear and high anxiety of infecting others, and ashamed of how horrid my skin looks and not knowing what was happening to me and how to cure it. I found your website, ( I wept) and have mostly all of the symptoms listed, probably for 4 months now or so. I would never wish this on my worst enemy, truly a horrific experience. How can the CDC say this is delusional or a hallucination and not a real diagnosis? There must be a skin diagnostic test of some sort out there. I am in fear of going to the doctor and recently lost my job with no health insurance. My question is, you mentioned it is not contagious? Are you certain of this? Also, my clothing has little white specs clinging to my clothes which are very difficult to wash out and they are on everything I touch. How can I possibly rid myself of this without recontaminating myself again? I have no money to purchase your product, I don’t know what to do. I am desperate to be healthy once again!!!

    • Tracy
      Tracy says:

      I have had this for about 2 years now and just figured out what it was. Morgellons! a relief at lease knowing but I also cannot afford the treatment as my sons father passed no ins ect ect….. Just try and save. And pray for miracle! My thoughts r with you and good luck. If I could I would purchase for you as I know what u r going through. Its horrible and no one believes you. You r alone….except for here of corse. good luck

  11. Blue
    Blue says:

    This stuff has kept me from doing anything and everything . ER three times doctors several times and so on. My symptoms and story are like the rest. I tried just about everything to eliminate this obviously unknown disease that has wrecked my life. I just started the nutrasilver treatment two days ago.

  12. Barb
    Barb says:

    Wow this stuff is amazing, daughters hair was falling out for 2 years and in 5 days of taking the product it all turned around! Stunning! So natural and just like God would make so simple! AMEN and thank you again!

  13. Blue
    Blue says:

    Its about the third week now, my overall condition is better but, one spot on my neck thats deep and large and painful. Its not showing to be getting better yet. I guess the silver has the critters mad because they move around a lot more. I’m hoping its because of discomfort caused by the silver.

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Blue, You are correct; the critters will soon leave your body and the last lesion will eventually disappear as well. Just keep following the instructions and you will experience life without Morgellons symptoms.

  14. Heather
    Heather says:

    My story is much like the others, I haven’t yet experienced the open sores but will get bruises mainly on my legs but at times on my arms back neck and face. I have never even heard of morgellons disease until one day a few months ago I just couldn’t stand the not knowing what was going on inside of my body, that’s when I first saw the name morgellons disease. At that time I didn’t really do any research as I felt like I had to be sneaky and keep what was going on with me more or less to myself as my husband was beginning to think I was loosing it. So I was trying very hard to tell myself that the white fuzz balls I was literally seeing everywhere was just that, white fuzz balls. What has led me to find a real answer for what is going on with me was when I started noticing my three young children scratching at their skin, also noticing the shinny coating over their skin, the most recent thing was when my 6 year old daughter looked at me and said mommy I am itchy everywhere make it stop mommy please. I vowed to myself that I would not stop looking until I found them an answer, so here I am…is your product safe for my 6, 7, and 9 year old to take as well as myself? Thank you for your time.

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Yes, NutraSilver is perfectly safe to give your children for Morgellons.

      The great news is that they will heal very quickly at their ages. We have had a lot of experience with kids during our last 7 years of helping folks with Morgellons so here is the formulas as to how much NutraSilver to give them;

      1. 1 – 10 pounds = 4 drops, three times a day
      2. 11 – 20 pounds = 8 drops, three times a day
      3. 21 – 40 pounds = 12 drops, three times a day
      4. 41 – 60 pounds = 15 drops, three times a day
      5. 61 – 80 pounds = 18 drops, three times a day
      6. 81 – 100 pounds = 22 drops, three times a day
      7. 100 – 150 pounds = 25 drops, three times a day

      It is critical that they drink as much non-tap water as they can and also eat mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and protein as possible. SUGAR AND PROCESSED FOODS WILL STOP THE HEALING SO THEY NEED TO BE AVOIDED. Feel free to call us shopuld you like to discuss this further; 888-240-2326 and press #2 for Morgellons info. Be sure to leave us a message.

  15. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Oh my this has taken over my life i was hospitalized due to a life threatning kiddney infection witch we thought may be a result of a huge black mold problem in our apt we are despitely trying to move the day before my release is the day the leg pain started once out of the hospital things just got worse and wrorse i have the sores mostly on my legs and head also my hair is alive i know that sounds crazy but really my hair moves by its self its likanye some times it stands up on. its own and always moves so that it tuches my skin i have pulled some strands out watched them close after putting a q tip near it and actually watched it moved its scary and wigs me out its stra like andiand it is hard to brush under my skin i feel the. biting and movement my husband and i have actually seen them move under my skin yes seen my skin rase up a bit and then the thing move this happened right after i put some RX itch cream onn my legs the pain is almost to much to take I’m tortered by my ears and at night i swear i hear them munching no one has mentioned this yet but they have there own smell i can actually smell them i also have black spots on my walls and other things my clothes are being ruined so on ext i have a 20 month baby boy and a amazing 4 year old little girl who i am scared to death they are going to get this don’t have. 2 cents to my name I’m broke scared over welmed stressed to tge max and out of options due to lack of money god help me for at times death seems to sound more plesent than all this but know with my two amazing babys and awesome husbaned that death is nno option for me

  16. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Also i was wondering one someone starts the silver do u always have to take it and how do u keep from re infecting my self or keep my kids from getting it from my house cus. this nightmare is all over my house

  17. Lorie
    Lorie says:

    It IS contagious!!!! And why would no other colloidal silver work, only Nutrisilver?

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Every research scientist I have spoken to has agreed that Morgellons is not contagious between humans. It is contagious to pets.

      Most colloidal silvers are ionic (no real silver in them) and they are 10 or 20 PPM; NutraSilver is real silver from earth and is 3,600 PPM.

  18. Luke
    Luke says:

    I have very dark looking hairs mixed in with my facial hair. I also get sores on me that I think are ingrown hairs or an insect bite. Could this be morgellons and if so then I can give it to my cat but nor vice versa?

    • russell
      russell says:


      What you describe seems like classic Morgellons symptoms and yes you can give it to your cat.

      Its a good idea to go to this page and do a self-diagnosis;

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