Does Borax Work for Morgellons?

If you’ve been looking for a Morgellons treatment that works, you’ve probably heard about the use of Borax. Before you go through the trouble of putting together all the materials needed to pull off that kind of self-treatment, you might need a few questions answered.

Does Borax Combat Morgellons?

Short answer: Yes… but only in your clothing.

Borax is touted as being great for cleaning your laundry and ridding your clothing and bed sheets of Morgellons mites, eggs, carcasses or whatever else is involved. It sterilizes your clothing and in that way, borax-box-590sure enough, it helps to keep your environment clean and prevent your clothing from contributing to any further Morgellons infestation.

That said, Borax treatment will NOT heal your Morgellons disease symptoms or relieve them. Some customers have even tried taking baths and soaking in Borax. That has only resulted in extreme dry skin and cracking. Don’t do that.

The reality: Borax doesn’t address the internal infestation that is happening in your body and therefore will not actually relieve symptoms.

In order for the symptoms to go away, you must clean your body from the inside out. Anything topical or external may provide temporary pain relieve but it only pushes the infestation inward, which makes the problem worse.

That said, Borax is great for treating your clothing.

How to Eliminate Morgellons From Your Clothes and Laundry Using Borax

Over the last six years, hundreds of Morgellons sufferers have shared with us their success in ridding Morgellons from their laundry. They use a product that Grand Mal used to use dating all the way back to the 1800s called Borax.

When washing your clothes, linens, and bed sheets, substitute your normal laundry detergent for Borax. You can expect to see your clothes completely free of Morgellons fibers, black specks and anything else that reminds you of Morgellons. This will not cost you any more money than you’re used to because Borax is rather cheap.

If you’re looking for a permanent way to rid yourself of devastating Morgellons symptoms, NutraSilver is the only product in the world that cleanses your Morgellons from the inside out. It takes just 3 – 4 weeks for the majority of your symptoms to be gone.

Get started with NutraSilver

If you have questions about this or any other common Morgellons treatment, please give us a call at (888) 240-2326.

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  1. Reatha Feather
    Reatha Feather says:

    Thank you for that video. Ive been suffering for about 4 years.Yes it takes over your life. and its a very lonely condition even though my husband and my daughter try i feel like they really dont want to see what i find and as connected as i wish they were.In the 80 s I had fibromyalgia back then they said it was all in my head. For the most part Doctors treated me like i was faking or just wanting drugs. So Ive gone though trying to fight the medical . But it was nothing compared to this hell when you try to explain most people I think you are nuts Because i even feel like im in an alien movie.I am already on disablity for the FMS and Chronic Fatigue , Osteo arth. With 2 neck surgerys and they want to do a thired plus back surgery they say its the osteo that is causing all my commprssion in my spine but im thinging now that the morgellons may have a part in this. Ive tried a lot of different home remendys with out much results. plus my husband is a heart patient he has a defibalater now and theres nothing more they can do. So we have just about used all our resourses to help ourselfes.So Iam hoping after i research this product that it really works for me because i cant afford much more and that makes this even harder to deal with because a lot of thing out here for this has not been cheap and people that have this and is low income they are very relutant to speand the money they dont really have. Just the general things like it take more water for washing more more detg. cleaning supplys not to mention the hot water which ive had to stop using.Some how some way standing together weve got to convince the gov. to fund the money on researching this horiffic thing that has invaded our bodies.Again thank you. ps does anybody know what web site is best to have communcation with other surffers Anyone can email me positive

      • renee
        renee says:

        just wanted to let anyone interested know that i am feeling much better and very hopeful.this is my forth week on nutrasilver and i am confident that it is working for me cant wait to treat my family have been trying to find something for years experimenting on my self with products that were very expensive and only made things worse. my lesions are drying up and falling away my brain fog is gone and i can clearly see out of my left eye again i have much more energy and can remain focused on tasks at work its been really hard to stay on track with the diet but i am . hard to find foods that arnt gmo and even if u think they arnt they still might be . 100% organic is what ive been looking for. i encourage all suffering to get the nutrasilver please i am finally able to sleep at night and thank u russle for being there when i was just panicked ur love and support helped me soooo much if anyone is feeling like giving up please call the support line they r wonderful i was feeling so ALONE AND SCARED AND THEY HELPED ME GET MIND BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE. I WILL BE PRAYING FOR U PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MINE

  2. Joey
    Joey says:

    I have had Morgellons now for 2 years. I have been using NutraSilver for almost three months. After using it for about 2 weeks I noticed a marked improvement. However, I found that the Morgellons came back in full force after 6 weeks even though I didn’t cut down on the dosage of 3 x 60 drops daily, and I still keep to the dosage. The Morgellons seems to be getting worse. Does anyone have a suggestion? If you do please email me at

    Also, what research is being done to find a cure?
    Thanks, Joey

  3. Tamra Cordasco
    Tamra Cordasco says:

    I have been taking nutrasilver for two weeks and two days. Is this the point the bugs or larvae or whatever it is in me finally decides to come out? Was feeling so much better last week but I am driving my family crazy picking up every little black speck on the floor and so many more bumps have come out on my body!! I can’t hardly take this anymore, somedays I don’t even feel like being alive cuz this condition I have dealt w for over a year and half and I see little flakes of orangish yellow mushy eggs or something all over my house!!! Please someone help me I am losing my mind and it’s taking my life literally!! I am soooo desparate I want to burn my house down and somedays feel like jumping in the middle of it burning down!!

  4. Hazel Hamlet
    Hazel Hamlet says:

    My mother Hazel has had morgellons since 1996. Of course it has got worse. I watched My mother for years use lice medications and isolate. Not let us touch her. I seen different colors of worm looking things crawl out of her skin. Fur balls come out of skin. The itching , drying skin. Also loss of hair. Pain. Feeling tired. Iritablity. Loss of memory. Miserable. In her sinus. Eyes. Feel like they are smothering her. . Says she is dying. They are killing her. I would love to be emailed about any news , or anything to do with morgellons. Shes calling nutrasilver. I hope this is genuine news. Not another costly bunch of B.S.for a low income person. Who I c this morgellons whatever it is killing my mother. Also getting her hopes up for a big disappointment.

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