How Many People Are Infected With Candida Albicans?

Scientists estimate 70% have Candida!!

Candida is difficult to diagnose and is often baffling to MD’s. The symptoms can be all over the place and hard to pin down. One fact is certain; Candida destroys the quality of your life.

What is Candida Albicans?

vaginal yeast infectionCandida is virtually an epidemic in our society and is responsible for many of the chronic illness categories we see so frequently. Most people are unaware that it even exists, because most main stream doctors are uneducated about its impact on our health. People suffering from Candida often go from doctor to doctor for years and are usually told they are a hypochondriac or that it is stress or a psychiatric problem, before ever discovering the real culprit.

Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring yeast that is present in all our bodies and it is supposed to be there in balance with many other microorganisms. The problem begins when several factors in our lifestyle cause the Candida to grow in outstanding numbers and it overtakes all the other healthy microorganisms.

Once this yeast proliferates in the body, it wrecks havoc in many ways and is the instigator of many common maladies, conditions, syndromes and illnesses in our population.

Emerging science suggests that with such a high ‘time-kill rate’ in independent in-vitro laboratory tests, NutraSilver® might be an effective tool to naturally eliminate Candida.

Signs of Candida and Thrush

Candida and Thrush, more than any other human ailment, creeps up on you so gradually that you barely

If you have a white tongue, you probably have Candida Thrush

If you have a white tongue, you probably have Candida Thrush

notice it. Doctors are not trained to look for it so most Candida yeast infections go undiagnosed. And before you know it, your indiscriminate use of antibiotics has caught up with you and some very life-stealing symptoms begin to occur. You begin to exhibit digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, lymphatic and musculo-skeletal symptoms that do not APPEAR to be related. The most effected part of your body is your BRAIN.

Brain-fog, Depression and Fatigue; Gone Quickly

For many Candida sufferers, the worst symptoms are depression, fatigue and brain fog; they report that they feel ‘disembodied’ like they are not themselves or are ‘outside’ themselves. Candida brain fog causes Candida disease sufferers to become unable to remember what they said or did just a moment ago.

Your memory slips, you can’t seem to make decisions easily, your energy is way down, your joints begin to ache and simple activities become more difficult. You might just chalk it up to aging. But is it aging? No, it’s not.

Follow this protocol and watch the nightmare fade away and you’ll forget how you used to live because you’ll get your energy back, your joints, your liveliness, your vitality and your bright smile. You’ll feel like yourself again.

Customer-suggested Use of Colloidal silver

    • Pay attention to how you FEEL each day so you can decide how many drops works best for you after following the instructions.

new bottle

  • Place 30 drops in a glass, add any amount of filtered or distilled water (no tap water). Take 3 times a day for 1 day. If no reaction is noticed (Herxheimer reaction feels like you are getting the flu), continue on to the next step. If you do experience flu-like symptoms, reduce 10 drops for one day and this flu-like feeling will pass.
  • Increase to 40 drops, 3 times a day for 1 day. If no reaction is noticed, continue on to the next step.
  • Now increase to 50 drops, 3 times a day for 1 day. If no reaction is noticed, continue on to the next step.
  • Finally, increase to 60 drops, 3 times a day. You should now decide which number of drops feels RIGHT FOR YOU. This will be your number of drops throughout your healing process.
  • When most or all of your Candida symptoms are gone, call us (888-240-2326 #2) for instructions on how to significantly REDUCE how much Colloidal silver you take as on-going maintenance.
  • When using NutraSilver, avoid heavy exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. Wear protective clothing and use sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) when you are outdoors.
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  1. cheryl cozad
    cheryl cozad says:

    Vicky from Health Yourself suggested this. My problem is in the yeast category but called candida glabrata which is more aggressive than albicans and harder to treat. I have tried many products from doctors and Vicky’s suggestions plus read books, such as, Doug Kaufmann and fungus, body ecology etc. All suggest extreme diets, herbs, diflucan, with nystatin. I have a problem with finding a doctor who is willing to treat the condition for any length of time. My worst symptoms come monthy with my period. It looks like severe burns on my vaginal area, mouth, and spots on my skin. Its been going on for 1 1/2 years. What would be your suggestion on a cure?

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:


      You can try taking 30 drops, 3 times a day and if you feel OK, progress up to 40 drops 3 times a day. Also, it is fine to douche to eliminate any fungus; Just do it the way you would normally do it.

      What you might experience is around day 12, 13 or 14, you may see an improvement in your energy level.

    • russell
      russell says:


      NutraSilver kills all yeast since it turns off its ability to metabolize oxygen, so it suffocates and dies.

  2. trina
    trina says:

    What other supplements do you recommend while taking nutrasilver? I just received mine, and it doesn’t look like anything else is recommended besides no/low sugar diet and only good carbs.

    Can I still take Vitamin D and C?

    • russell
      russell says:

      Trina, NutraSilver, all by itself, will kill yeast infections. If you are going to take supplements, do so an hour apart from NutraSilver. You already know about the proper diet to support your recovery.

  3. Tami Schneider
    Tami Schneider says:

    please can you tell me if this will work for candidia dubliniensis. I do not have H.I.v I have lyme disease an Ive been fighting for treatment for a year. I suspect its systemic. Would this product work for me an if not do you have any suggestions already on low suger diet an no bad barbs. I also take a proiotic that’s refridgerated with enzyms. Thank you tami

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:


      Yes, NutraSilver can help with Lyme and Candida. Simply follow the instruction and in a couple of weeks your energy will return and you will begin to feel like you are “waking up”.

  4. chris
    chris says:

    I have been looking for high ppm silver for a long time. how effective is this against parasites and do you provide a protocol for parasites and candida?

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      NutraSilver kills Candida very easily as you can read here; Our main goal here at NutraSilver is killing parasite in Morgellons disease. Follow the instructions and get yourself healed.

  5. colette
    colette says:

    does this KILL or EVICT candida Albicans? i dont want to put a bandage on it.
    i want to get RIDE OF it and i want my life back..Talk about loosing short term memory!! wow i almost lost 10,000.00 dollars worth of camera equipment forgot them next to the Valet desk..( Witten minutes of getting my car).
    thank you

    I’m on a detox now call CCWS 5 days one 10 day of ..5 days on 10 days off and another 5 days on..( my DIE OFF is really bad too)

    • russell
      russell says:


      NutraSilver kills Candida internally, so please follow these instructions; Candida Protocol

      You can expect your mental function to improve within 1 week or two, really!

  6. colette lau
    colette lau says:

    i started to culture my own Kefir… ( it cows milk) i ear it extreme good to rebuilt good bacteria in my gut..

    what is your take on it.. yes or no .. and would that give me symptoms or allergies? because i drink it now everyday..

    also a drink call Kamboucha…live strain and probiotic
    thank you

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