A Quick History of Morgellons Disease

The history of Morgellons provides little answers to the questions you have and it might even trigger some more emotion that wasn’t there before so I’d almost rather push you on to the part where we talk about how to get you healed because you’ve been the rounds already and getting younew bottle healed is all that really matters…

But that said, here’s a quick history of Morgellons disease and Morgellons treatment:

A Search for Answers

Back in 2002, Mary Leitao, a biologist from Pennsylvania, went digging for some answers to her son’s skin condition. Her beautiful son was only 2 at the time. He only knew a few words but when he referred to his lesions on his lower lip he’d say “bugs.”

That struck her as being rather odd. He would itch and cry at night, inconsolably. And the lesions never went away no matter what the doctors gave her.

So she took a closer look. What she found while examining her son’s lesion under his bottom lip was that the lesion contained odd fibers.

After consulting dozens of doctors who had no answers but were happy to take her money and send her home with more creams and lotions for treating common skin conditions (which never worked), Ms. Leitao wasn’t satisfied and starting doing her own research into her son’s symptoms.

She found very little to help her. There just wasn’t any condition in any modern medical records to match her son’s symptoms.

Sir Thomas Browne and ‘The Morgellon’

But one day she found a report published by a British physician named Sir Thomas Browne way back in 1674 during the Tudor era. He detailed a condition known as “The Morgellon” which included the presence of “harsh fibers” on the backs of infected children. That was the closest thing Ms. Leitao could find to her son’s condition.

After making her story public, the name stuck, and the thousands of people who flooded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for an explanation of similar symptoms began calling it “Morgellons”.

In order to open up a public conversation and publish research findings about Morgellons, Mary Leitao started a website called the Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF). Her efforts picked up notoriety and she formed a foundation that to this day is one of the only ones that has ever given us some answers… unfortunately the doors closed in 2012 because of the CDC’s refusal to recognize Morgellons as a disease.

CDC’s Denial of Morgellons

The CDC had followed up the influx of Morgellons cases with a 5-year “formal” study that was badly underfunded and misguided, but the result of the study was a permanent ruling that proved to be a slap in the face for all Morgellons sufferers.

The CDC concluded that Morgellons wasn’t a disease at all but a psychiatric ailment, or psychosomatic disorder, and they weren’t going to follow up with any other studies to prove otherwise. It was a cop out.

How and why the CDC came down with that ruling after a weak study we may never know.

Nowadays, Randy Wymore has become the default authority on Morgellons as he is the head of the Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences.

What this means for you

That said, you might be discouraged that nothing official is being done to aid Morgellons sufferers… but there’s hope because we know some things for sure and what we know for sure is that the how, why and what of Morgellons holds little value when you look at the fact that you can reclaim your life and leave this disease behind you… in just a few short weeks.

Follow Colloidal silver’s Morgellons disease treatment protocol and let us take all the financial risk for you. We guarantee it’ll work to eliminate your symptoms, if it doesn’t we’ll reimburse every dime you spent no matter who many bottles you’ve used.

That’s our way of helping you realize there’s a way out of the nightmare. Have hope, let’s get you healed.

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  1. Janice
    Janice says:

    I’ve had this disease for many years, and to be told by doctors it’s all in my head. The symptoms got so bad, I tried to commit suicide about 5 years ago. I just couldn’t stand the feeling anymore. I’m ADD also, and with this it just became unbearable. I can no longer work and am on disability. I go to school to keep my self busy, having to push myself everyday because my energy level is zero! Is there another way to get this medicine? Thereis just no way that I can pay for it. I so want to be well again . Jan

  2. Bonny Benson
    Bonny Benson says:

    In the last two months, while waiting for a skin specialist, I was told I had scabies, so I decided to find them in my house. What I found was shocking. I picked dust balls,wall scrapings of little spots that looked like smashed tootsie rolls, Black specks in my bed, funny fuzz on my clothing, pods, hairs, what I thought was string.,pieces that looked like burnt hard tobacco, and lastly from myself. My face, hands, legs, ankles, nose, behind knee. THEN, I started inspecting everything, breaking down everything to its smallest dot, then smashing it, and get a blood spot. Morgellons ARE REAL. They exist, and by the grace of God, I see how they work their little horrible life from eating what ever host, that sacrifices itself for food, and ultimately the creation of a tiny army of little shits that will drive you to drink! Talk about getting under your skin. I too have self diagnosed these little bastards, and am going to do something about it. First, the Nutra Silver, then I am going to make this my mission to educate ALOT of people. God led me to you for a reason. I am as mad as a hornet, I knew there would be plagues eventually. What scares me is what’s next! So, Im gonna go have a beer and eat a bug sandwich. All my love and prayers to the people who suffer with this. Keep your head high, and try not to lose it. Bonny Benson<Vermont

    • tricia
      tricia says:

      Hi Bonny,

      Getting this condition really changed how I look at the world and people. The most painfulwas my boyfriend and the love of my life not believing me. No matter how many times I tried to show him the parasites in manh different waysOne Dr. I saw 5 or 6 times was said in our last appointment “I think I know someone who might be able to help you”. I said “is this a psychyiatrist”? He said “yes”. I said “no I don’t want to see a psychiatrist.” He said “then what do you want”. I said “I want to see a dermatologist that specializes in parasites”. I got an authorization to see a dermatologist and my symptoms were much better at the timel even though this dermatologist said she saw no evidence of anything no lesions, no rash, no burrow holes inflamation or irratation she gave me treatment for dermodex mites, with skin treatment and antibiotics. It was ironic that my hair symptoms were much better when I went to go see her. It usually took 1 1/2 to 3 hour showers to get a comb through all my hair, shoulder length. Two days before being my appointment I combed through my hair with ease.

      I guess I attribute the improvement to taking wormwood with black walnut hull at least 3 times every day for a month and taking colliedal silver same schedule.

      The fact that noone believed me took it’s toll on my psyche. I had none to share my intense (in the beginning) fear with. I saw pieces of food moving on the countertop and around me. I saw worms in my meat. I would go outside and I felt like I was attracting flocks of mites that were swarming me. White powder-like stuff came out of my skin. When I went to the bathroom it looked like my urine was going to bubble up and explode. I’d wash water over my arms and they would bubble like crazy. Then things that looked like bugs were coming out of my ears head nose mouth, all holes. I’d put the ones in the toilet in a microscope and see they were moving (could see them even without a microscope). The ones from my mouth, nose and head were moving too. My hair would stand on end when the infestation was bad. I’d see pieces of it moving in different directions. At one point I had a big pimple like mound on my cheek. I watched it and photographed something spider like, with big spidery legs, coming out of the bump on my cheek, laying an egg and then disappearing. I have photographs of chips I was eating one night moving around on my desk the next. Whatever these mite like things are, they are able to change form getting bigger and smaller and hide in thing. A bunch of them made themselves very thin and hid inside flush with the top of the desk.

      There was not just one kind of look these things had but several. Round and fuzzy- in yellow brown or red, long and thin like a foxtail, hard and waxlike brownish, yellow jelly like things that looked like clusters of small eggs, yellow worms, white worms, little black or grey dots, etc.

      My fear was consuming me because I didn’t know what to do. Yet instead of expressing it to get help from people around me I had to hide it because every time I tried to show my boyfriend he didn’t see anything and neither did my Dr. in the 6 appointments we had. I wanted to look stable enough to be credible until I had located all the evidence. I was sure I had a major infestation problem yet none else saw one thing on me. I thought i was going to die. I felt alone and rejected. I was very depressed.

      Thanks for the info on Nutrasilver, it is a godscent.

      • Ms C
        Ms C says:

        Finding these post turned my permanent frown, upside down. Everything you list re: your symptoms are EXACTLY what I experience, including moving crumbs on the counter I actually video taped in hopes of convincing the quick drop off of friends and family who all wrote me off as psychosomatic, delusional, or having an addiction of speed! While talking to a cop last night, I was repeatedly asked if “I have a meth problem”, I had to show him my arms front and back as he changed the question to “are you an IV drug user,”. I wear long sleeves in the heat because of the deep, gashes that never heal causing all my Dr’s to examine for needle marks. They don’t let up, switching the question to “have you EVER had a drug problem?”. I have attempted suicide because of the loneliness and constant intense pain. Does anyone ever have “blueberry resembling” critters in their skin as I do? (Or find them along with trails if weird seeds, always the same type in the same line order formation in the carpet or bed?

        • nutrasilver
          nutrasilver says:

          If you have Morgellons, we can help, you have Morgellons since msot MD’s really! Thousands of sufferers are symptom-free and you can be as well.

          It is common to be confused with a meth user when MD’s don’t know how to diagnose correctly.

    • ROSE
      ROSE says:

      Bonnie , you are so funny. I know what you mean about driving you to drink. I was never a drinker but since the invasion (as I refer to it to myself) I have started to drink ( not a lot) to help me cope and sleep. I have hope now thanks to Russell and Nutra Silver. I am lucky I have a good job and I can afford it. I hope you are well by now thanks to Nutra Silver.

    • Joanne
      Joanne says:

      In 2008, I returned from a trip to Newfoundland with intense itching of my skin, which was diagnosed as scabies. I did indeed have the little buggers as I could see them with a magnifying lens. I successfully treated the scabies, but the itching remained. I noticed black curly hair like fibers growing out of my skin. Since then the condition comes and goes, with intense itching and pain in different parts of my body. Will try nutrasilver. Hope it helps.
      ( Sept. 2013 )

      • Joanne
        Joanne says:

        Nutrasilver has given me my life back. After cleanse, I find I need a low maintenance dose to keep the symptoms away. As a side effect, I have not had a cold or flu for 3 yrs In my opinion, I think md is a stubborn spirochetal infection which is very hard to cure. Until better research Is done, nutrasilver is the answer.

    • Raydene Epling
      Raydene Epling says:

      Hi this is the first time i have taked to some one else that has had it
      first let me says that i am a retired flight traums nurse of 14 yrs , so i am educated in the medical worlld but i tell you i am almost in divorce after married 40 yrs. and i am that point of just ending it all!!!! it feels like my body is just being consumed
      i am just about to start lobbing rhis in the senate please help with anything that you can offer
      Raydene Epling

    • joyce henley
      joyce henley says:

      Dear Bonny, I hope to God this finds you. I just got a breakthrough, when I finally found out three days ago I have Morgellons. Please God, let this get to Bonny and I’am praying for her and to hear from her. I need to know I’m not alone. or better yet call me, 573-915-8502. I just started taking the silvar yesterday. please call me Bonny 🙂

    • Deb Wiley
      Deb Wiley says:

      I think we have experienced the same hellish things.
      I began the journey into truth 2 months ago by typing in my symptoms. What I found was horrifying, but I knew it was my answers…..finally!
      At first I was overwhelmed and panic stricken….but then I got mad and started confronting the thing by both becoming aware of the forms it takes and killing it!
      I was determined it would not win!
      A sticky lint roller became, and still is one of my favorite weapons to unveil it to me.
      Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil has also been something I have used to facilitate the removal of morg debris from my skin. It also keep the skin protected from the fluid/slime that will drain at various times.

      • nutrasilver
        nutrasilver says:

        Deb, we have helped thousands of Morgellons sufferers for nearly 8 years; why not try NutraSilver and see if it works for you? We have a 60-day money back guarantee so there is no risk to you.

    • faye
      faye says:

      Thank u so much for your experience im exactly the same and have been told im too going mad its so painful physically mentally and more that i have tried to kill myself people think im senile plz could you emailme it would mean the world to me please im beyond desperate did nutrasilver work How u coping im drinking everyday to cope plz reply god bless u hun hope ur coping as good as poss hope to hear from you soon Thanks faye xxxxxx 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :-(:-(

  3. musha
    musha says:

    been battling this for most my life, i am 57, i only have 1 kidney that goes in and out of renal failure, how will the high ppm of silver affect that problem?

    • Cathy
      Cathy says:

      I feel I found someone I can relate to, I am 57 and I have a tube in one kidney and they will be taking it out as I keep getting infections from the tube and the hole I don’t think we are meant to have holes in our bodies. Plus, I had a liver transplant and I have this crazy disease from somewhere I have about 14 autoimmune disorders though. I had the transplant 2.5 years ago and spent 6 months in the hospital, 15 visits since the transplant. I found the fibers and stuff like moving around on my body I got MRSA in the hospital so I kept thinking it related to the Hep C, some of the symptoms are just like this disease. This one out grosses them all though, I can’t think about to long or my head shakes to left and then right and I hear a voice say ick, gross, noway. I am so happy I found this site and people in the same boat!! Yipee, I am ordering the stuff now. How can we tell how old the messages and comments are? Do we need to add a date? It’s a little fuzzy to me? Thats a joke, a bad one. 5/28/14

  4. debbie cardillo
    debbie cardillo says:

    oh, my gosh after all these years,i finally read stuff i can take to help this horribile disease.After doctors even laughed at my symtoms.Im so angry at the whole medical profession.Ive sufferd for many years.,beging god to help me get to the right doctor to diagnose me. Im right on the edge of a nervous breakdown,

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Debbie, I’m glad you found us. If you need any help whatsoever please call us. I’m excited to hear about your recovery. Please grab the standard Morgellons package, which is the 8 bottles, and follow the Morgellons treatment exactly. It’ll work for you and you’ll be able to put this disease behind you.

    • Holden Blackcreek
      Holden Blackcreek says:

      Delusional is a term that could only be applied to Doctorial ignorance ! Allowing the reality of mistaking a Doctors fear for ignorance could become an unaffordable option .
      Remember these white rice like mites in my blood that are impossible to heal leaving open sores on the body that also discharge these unknown hookworm like organisms are essentially in the end an unknown mysterious bacterial infection I can only surmise ? Colloidal Silver and a deworming could not hurt especially someone like yourself who suffers in silence !

      Godspeed Holden April 2015

  5. patrick aylward
    patrick aylward says:

    I just finished taking albendazole prescribed by a doctor I saw for my skin . This lady questioned my sanity then proceeded to accuse me of being a meth addict. I had lesions on both hands and arms and it was spreading. When I read for the first time(10 minutes ago) that this condition had a name and tx. I couldn’t believe how relieved Iwas. I’ve been dealing with this about 2 yrs. now and it’s just incredibly hard.The symptoms fit to a tee. The albendazole seemed to help a little bit but it would always come back.Talk about depressing I’m unemployed right now and kind of reluctant to even look forw ork for fear of being judged if somebody sees my skin. I’ll find some money somewhere for this. I can’t wait. Thank you,Patrick Aylward

  6. LaRue
    LaRue says:

    I have all the symptoms listed and have been thru the same fiasco with doctors supposing to be the very best ~ m.d.s, dermatologists, allergists, psychiatrists, and NO ONE HELPED. Ibhave been sick 1 yr. & 6 months. I am furious but also desperate and know my faith in God is all that keeps any spark of hope alive. Currently am having success with stromectol plus tetracycline; however within days of cessation, the sores return. I will give your product a shot. But I would love to have answers to a couple questions. Is it possible my Marine husband brought this parasite home from combat in the middle east? Is it possible our cat contracted this ~ he got sick the same time I did but the vet could find NOTHING wrong with him and he became so emaciated (even tho he ate well and was wormed and kept clean and indoors) that we had to put him down within 6 months? Wish I had tried your meds on him! Thanks, LaRue

  7. renee
    renee says:

    i have been suffering with this for thirteen years my whole family is affected tons of punch biopsy lots of different diagnoses i believe parasites are attracted to the pharamones these fibers release therefore attracting whatever mite is in the area to u thats wwhy some sufferers have different but and the same symptoms some research stated that it was a gmo fungal protazoa im scared and have tried everything nothing has wrked seems to but then get worse elimite ivermectin 18 mg everyother day for fifteen doses plus three doses year before initally i thought it helped they were pouring out of my eyes and scalp they were through out my sinus cavity i had bruises all over my body my brain hurt came back worse i am going to try this am praying it works like u say my daughter is pregnant and wont consider or admit anything is going on with her my son had his right upper lung lobe removed my 12 year old has sores all over her head please pray for us and if u can recommend anything special for the mom to be much love to all thanks for being there

    • Russell
      Russell says:


      This is really simple; get 8 bottles of NutraSilver, follow the instructions and watch yourself get rid of Morgellons of the course of 4 or 5 weeks. If you follow the instructions, your Morgellons nightmare will end and you will be able to return to your normal life, free of mental and physical symptoms.

      We guarantee you will heal or will will refund your money. Please get well…..

    • Justin
      Justin says:

      renee: “i believe parasites are attracted to the pharamones these fibers release therefore attracting whatever mite is in the area to u thats wwhy some sufferers have different but and the same symptoms”

      This makes an amazing amount of sense to me. Genius idea

  8. dr michael obeng
    dr michael obeng says:

    Thanks for some other magnificent article. Where else may just anyone get that type of
    information in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  9. Lori
    Lori says:

    I am getting ready to order!! I am so hopeful, finally, of feeling human again. My symptoms started a couple of years ago, buy at the time they were not so obviously connected. Then this year, the skin symptoms began. Ive been so sickly lately, there have been days I truly thought I was dying. I have so much pain and the itching and crawling are occurring daily. I can not take this any longer. To top it off, some people I am closest to think me crazy, and my wounds self-inflicted. I have sobbed daily for the past 3 or 4 weeks. But thanks to you, I now have a glimmer of hope. This is by far, the absolute worst thing I have ever experienced. Just for the record, Ive never been prone to such delusions, and I know what Im going thru. Thank you so much for being there for those of us living this nightmare.

  10. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Thank you, everyone! I’ve had this disease since October of 2009! I have all these symptoms plus some that developed because Of trying to convince everyone that I was not losing my mind! Of course I self-diagnosed-Thought my doctor would be glad of the help but he told me that Morgellon’s did not exist. Between my husband, Mom, sister, and doctor they had me commited to Rehab for 2 weeks. Said I must be hooked on some kind of drugs and that All this was hallucinations. Came back from there with even more drugs and a severe attitude at everyone. Am now drinking everyday to cope and take 12 different meds for all these symptoms (which DO NOT WORK for me)!!! I am so DAMN EXCITED!!! Maybe in a few weeks I will be my old self again, but with a hell of a lot more knowledge than the regular general practicioners-I can’t wait to go to my doc appt this Friday ! I’m taking this laptop with me and he’s gonna read this for himself while I sit there and wait-and then we’re gonna a whole revision of my health profile and all those useless meds he has me taking. I may just go in there and call him at home just because! LOL! LOL! LOL! I am freaking going to the beer store and have a celebration! I certainly intend to refer everyone to this website!!! Totally Awesome you guys! Much Love!

    • Bill
      Bill says:

      Good luck with your doctor, but just remember, medical schools force feed a steady diet of infallibility which results in graduates that run screaming from anything resembling a thought outside the box.
      “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

  11. Holly
    Holly says:

    I ordered my Nutrasilver less then a week ago and it has arrived. After I left a comment at the beginning of the week I received a fast little note back and then a phone call. It was so nice to hear someone tell me that I was going to be alright. After his call It was like a breath of fresh air. I just simply relaxed cleaned out the processed food in my cabinets and followed his directions. I’m getting ready to take my first dose. I’ll let you all know how it goes

  12. Tina Rowlands
    Tina Rowlands says:

    I am now on day 3 – 50 drops 3x a day. I still do not feel the herx (flu like symptoms) to let me know that it’s working. Tomorrow is 60 drops. What if I don’t feel the herx then? Do I increase to 70 drops or do I maintain at 60 drops for the next few weeks? Russell, you told me that my pets also have it now but I have not noticed anything weird from them like excess scratching or excessive sleeping. You told me to add NutraSilver to their food everyday, but their diet is kibbles, not wet food. How do you suggest that I add this to the kibbles? I could add it to their water but I fear that they would avoid it. QUESTION: If it is not contagious to other Humans but is to my kitties, is it possible that my kitties gave it to me?

    I went through the list of 93 symptoms of morgelleons, and I have almost every single one! I am very shocked and surprised at the same time. You had also mentioned to me if I had seen black bits on my bed sheets? My bed sheets are dark colored, not white, so this would be impossible to detect.

    And last but not least – why the brain fog?, why the memory loss? why am I lost for words during a discussion? What EXACTLY is making this happen? And during our phone conversation you talked about my depression when I had never told you anything – you just knew! Why or should I put it, how does this make me depressed?

    You also talked about not worrying about what exits my body, but I never asked you WHAT was going to exit my body. Will I have worms in my stool?, in my urine? bugs coming out of my nose? I don’t like any bug and if one comes out of me I am going to freak out! Can you tell me what I might expect so that I can prepare myself. You said to keep my stress level down but now it’s up there wondering what is going to exit my body, that’s if anything does. Could something exit my body tomorrow or in 3 weeks? Yes, I am freaked out but I know it is part of the healing process and I am really looking forward to mot suffering anymore.

    God Bless you Russell and staff
    Take care!

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Herx reactions only happen in a small percentage of cases. Though it is a sign that it is working (meaning it is killing the bad stuff in your body) that is not the only sign it’s working. It’s also a very undesirable sign it’s working because the flu is no fun.

      For your pets, you can put the NS directly down their snout if you wish. If you have questions, please call us or email support(a)nutrasilver.com

  13. sharon
    sharon says:

    I am so hopeful this will help. I have had symptoms for about 20 years though they have worsened significantly in the past 2 or 3 years. I worked as a registered nurse all my life but have had to apply for disability due to neck, back, joint and skin problems. I am so embarrassed as my skin has lesions on my arms, back, legs, nearly everywhere. I have been to multiple doctors and, even though I was a respected medical professional for years, I sensed that the doctors had lost any respect for me. I was told that nothing was wrong with my skin, that I was scratching and causing the problem, that I had become delusional. In fact, I have suffered with adult ADD throughout my adult life (guess I had childhood ADHD also but it wasn’t diagnosed many years ago as it now is. Anyhow, even though I had kept my ADD under control with medication throughout the years, my doctor decided it was likely the ADD med which was causing the symptoms thus he discontinued the medication and referred me to a psychiatrist with the first available appt. being several months away. I was without my medication and suffering all the Morgellins symptoms and no one would listen! I repeatedly phoned my doctor to tell him I could not function without my ADD med but he refused to prescribe and unfortunately the adult ADD diagnosis has become so prevalent in recent years with the controlled medication being a drug of abuse, I was unable to get another doctor to help me even though I had medical records showing all the medications that had been used to treat my symptoms prior to the adult ADD diagnosis in the late 1980’s. I truly thought I was going to die either naturally or by my own hand. I was finally able to get a prescription for an alternate medication ( a new one used for ADD) and, while it is not as effective in controlling the ADD symptoms at least I am able to function to some degree. Had it not been for my faith in God, I truly believe I might have taken my own life at some point throughout the years. I used alcohol pretty excessively in effort to ease my psychological and physical symptoms to no avail. I researched and felt certain that Morgellins was likely the source of my physical but none of the remedies recommended helped. I pray that your product will rid me of my symptoms. I was only able to order 4 bottles and had to borrow money for that because, as mentioned , I have been forced to apply for disability and I have no current source of income. Thank you for providing me with hope.

  14. Nancye Peekan
    Nancye Peekan says:

    I need to see a photo of these lesions. I have been through everything these people have talked about and now my little dog is sick. She has large sores on her. The vet does not know what they are and I have spent hundreds taking her back and forth to the vet.

  15. Bill
    Bill says:

    One vector for the Thing is the air, as in air-dropped.
    On a hunch I employed a lighted magnifier to the outside surfaces of our vehicles.
    Yep, the same red and blue fibers I can find under unbroken skin with that lighted magnifier, as well as on the skin surface when they come up and out, are there.
    Black fibers as well.
    A good natural rain and the outside surfaces of vehicles don’t test positive for fibers.
    A heavy bout of so-called persistent contrails (chemtrails) and the surfaces again test positive for fibers.


    After the Thing has been sent packing does someone have to have a daily dose of NutraSilver for the rest of their lives as a maintenance strategy, a prophylactic hedge?

    Because really, there is no way to avoid future contact with the Thing.
    It has been insinuated into our environment.
    There is every reason to believe that if a finite time-frame protocol is expended, over, re-infection, re-infestation is a given due to the ubiquitous presence of the Thing.
    I’ve looked other places outside and found the Thing.
    Of course, it’s throughout the house as well.

    So…. what is the time frame of your protocol…. for how long?
    If the protocol is for a finite time-frame, as in gone through and finished, does that proffer some type of immunity from the Thing that is throughout our environment and in the only air we have to breathe?

    What say ye?

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      Ye says that most NutraSilver customers go on low maintenance doses ( 10 0r 15 drops twice a day) to keep from being re-infected. When they stop taking NutraSilver, most but not all, begin to show symptoms again, usually within 2 weeks.

      There have been some folks who, after a few months on low doses and stop taking NutraSilver, do not show signs of Morgellons ever again. That is what Ye says.

  16. Bill
    Bill says:

    I tried to post a reply…. looks like it didn’t go through.

    Thanks for your honesty about this.

    Can’t afford NutraSilver right now but trips to Pawnshops and employment of Craigslist may remedy that

  17. Bill
    Bill says:

    I have another question.
    I will have to be out under the sun for protracted periods of time.
    Are there any advisements concerning NutraSilver about staying out of strong direct sunlight for protracted periods of time?

  18. Bill
    Bill says:

    Thank you for your honesty.
    I do need to be out in the hot, direct sunlight (S.E. Louisiana) for protracted time periods to get done what needs to be done.
    Since the Thing has kicked into high gear I really dread this coming season… black and brown flies, skeeters (5 different strains), chiggers, and poison ivy (which I have become highly sensitized to).
    I have backed the thing down somewhat through diet changes and a battery of skin care protocols.
    But it is far from gone and there is plenty of misery.

    It sure would have been great to be rid of the symptoms… even if the Thing still does what it was designed to do internally.

    I have a number of backgrounds.
    One is in electronics.
    I have come across some microscopic, as in not readily visible to the naked eye, permutations of the Thing that look like wire to me…. translucent to clear coating, wire running down the middle.
    They glint when you look at them with a 5x and the 100x reveals the wire structure.
    There is also a colored band.
    I don’t really want to invest in a more powerful scope.
    I might read some markings on that band.
    I already know more than I’d like to.

    Thanks again for your patience, and honesty, in answering my questions.

  19. Clydia Jackson
    Clydia Jackson says:

    I have a little pug dog who started scratching at her ears with a fury. Primarily at night. I wasn’t getting any sleep (nor was she) due to the vigorous digging and scratching.
    Took her to vet (3 times!) and each time diagnosis was middle ear infection and ear mites. After too many trips to vet, too many antibiotics I started researching. And yes, you can see these little devils with the naked eye. I put them on a mirror and look at them with hand-held magnifier and I can see them clearly. Some are translucent, colored, I can see legs, antennae, and if I scratch one of the ‘splinter-like’ things out of her skin on outer ear, I immediately get blood. She jumps when napping, or resting on sofa like someone has fired a shotgun over her head. She then runs and hides in closet. Hiding from whatever is attacking her. The white cotton puff, the threads,the black specks, it’s all there in her ears.
    I can tell that putting her through the treatment is going to be very hard. I have not yet experienced any symptoms, but I think it’s a matter of time. My heart is broken for her and I am angry at uneducated medical professionals. I will have to borrow the money for the treatment. I live on disability and am scheduled for yet another back surgery the 16th. of this month. Please pray for all of us.

    • russell
      russell says:

      General Health and Prevention for Dogs

      Depending upon the weight of your dog, we offer the following guidelines:

      2 – 20 pounds: 3 drops at every feeding
      20 – 40 pounds: 5 drops at every feeding
      40 – 70 pounds: 6 drops at every feeding
      Over 70 pounds: 7 drops at every feeding

      It is best to place the drops directly on their food.

    • Tracy Lamson
      Tracy Lamson says:

      Please know that you have someone out here praying for you. Try and be strong. I am so expecting positive results when I start taking the Nutra Silver. I have been battling these symptoms for 2 years now and have become desperate for some relief. I am physically and mentally depleted. I don’t know what to expect next. God bless you and keep the faith.

  20. gaia247
    gaia247 says:

    My friend has morgellons and noone believes her but me….She evacuated her daughter from her house to her ex….to protect her and now….her ex put her in a mental treatment facility…..it just happened Friday so I don’t know if it’s a place she can walk out of….but please tell me…have any of you experienced this and how can I help her?

    • nutrasilver
      nutrasilver says:

      There are two things to know; Morgellons is not contagious so your friend evacuating her daughter was totally unnecessary. Also, involuntary incarceration is not that uncommon. Most MD’s and Dermatologists diagnose “Delusions of Parasitosis” incorrectly; there is ample scientific proof that there is a definite etiology of Morgellons and that it does, in fact, exist. Most ‘psychiatric holds’ are three days so get her out of there!!!

  21. lyn
    lyn says:

    not only is there morgellons, but our cotton clothes are full of a cotton parasite or the “super bug”.Nano sized) I call them the “weavers’…cause they weave their way over and around the normal weave of the fabric. I got a good microscope and checked out all my clothes and they were in everything that was in my closet or drawers . They were even in the NEW clothes I just bought… I threw everything out. 30 bags of good clothing, sheets robes….all cotton. When you dry your clothes, check the lint filter…the tiny cotton balls with a tale are the egg sacks. These parasites can move in and out of your body. The only thing they cannot weave in is polyester..90 % or higher…don’t wear anything else.. I got a lot better after getting rid of cotton. Then , we have the protozoa parasite. I think they are dropped with the chemtrails. They are nano size and float in the air. They latch onto your skin and grow bigger and penetrate deeper. I would brush my skin then spray on silver or hydrogen peroxide. On the skin they appear as little tiny white dots. Use a light to see them. You can see the cotton nano spots and fibers or the protozoa on black clothes…without the microscope..they are little tiny white dots.
    These parasites carry bacteria. I try to pull them out ..and it takes a while to get a scab over the hole..and even then, the scab is a weave of fibers and not a scab. I switched to satin polyester sheet and pillow cases and polyester bed cover. This stuff is contagious. They are self repricating and you cannot kill them. Clay bentonite is great for the skin and diamatatious earth is good to mix with juice or a smoothie. Good for parasites. Green walnut hull tea…very good. I don’t know half of what is going on. I’ve even seen little bar type pieces with numbers and letters on them.through the microscope “nano sized.”. I’ve even seen “sea shell” parasites..just all kinds of weird things. .Sometimes they change what they are dropping in the chemtrails. We are not getting enough Sun or Oxygen for breathing. I took silver as well… even a silver IV in my arm. For a while I brushed all of my skin nightly (stand in the shower as they fall off in the air. Then showered and spray down with Hydrogen peroxide…and took silver by day. These things can get into your hair roots, scalp and eyelashes,too. Oh, apple cider vinegar is great to rinse your hair with and rub on your skin. I also washed my hair with baking soda, rinsed, washed with peppermint. shampoo, rinsed , then use vinegar and rinsed. …. also, I use silver in my neti pot with a mix of 1/2 sea salt and baking soda.(keep in a jar)..use 1 tsp and use a little silver…works great. i always boil my water and cool before using. Have you heard of smart dust? well these parasites are in it. they are everywhere around the house and that’s why other people can be contaminated. They are even in our cars..everywhere and blown in from the air conditioners…All I can say…is our poor animals. This is call Bio Warfare..we are being sprayed on purpose..Since noone sees NANO …they just don’t believe it.

    • Preferring to be anonymous
      Preferring to be anonymous says:

      I have had Morgellons for about 1 1/2 yrs. I am 50 y.o. female; also a holistic health RN, but contracted this from my husband who brought home scabies from travel. Oddly, he doesn’t have these symptoms but my 11 yo daughter, and my mother all do and also had treatment for scabies. Scabies is either the vector or the permethin cream we were forced to use (took 3 rounds to cure scabies) had these nanoparticles in it and infected us…maybe both. Because several of us have symptoms, I am not thought to be crazy by family and my husband witnessed these specks coming out of me… but my mother’s derm. did treat her as if she was delusional and so we are suffering to be believed just like all of you…but have confidence because THIS IS A REAL PHYSIOLOGICAL AILMENT AND WE ARE NOT CRAZY. WE JUST NEED TO BE OUR OWN HEALTH ADVOCATES AND HELP EACHOTHER!!! What I want to share is that after finding the first black specks coming out of my hands and face, I immediately googled and found Nutrasilver and got everyone on it RIGHT AWAY AND IT COMPLETELY TREATED THIS AFFLICTION AND STOPPED PROGRESSION IMMEDIATELY!!! I THANK GOD FOR RUSSELL AND NUTRASILVER AND PRAY THEY WILL NEVER STOP MAKING IT. I do take maintainence dose 15 drops 2x daily because we are constantly being reinfected by our environment (GMO’s and chemtrails). Way before getting Morg. I practiced Reiki therapy, which is an energy healing modality and so I have studied our bioenergetic field for years and believe that Morgellons is related to HAARP and the powers that be spraying Chemtrails that are changing our ionisphere electromagnetically, to both control weather (cloud-seed) and perhaps test nano-biological warfare capabilites on us unsuspecting citizens. Believe me, I only believe this because of the itchy/prickly sensations I get everytime I eat non-GMO food and after heavy “white lines” or “chemtrails” that have appeared in the sky, and fanned out into bizarre, diffuse clouds that turn into cloud “tracks” that look completely unnatural. I didn’t go looking for this bizarre conclusion but my body reacts to these triggers so clearly, that once I googled all this, and put it all together, I’m afraid the reality is hard to deny. Prior to getting this, I was just a regular mom of 4, living my normal life, not suspecting that anything like this could be going on…but after trying to get to the bottom of my bizarre symptoms, this is what my research has yielded. I have absolutely NO mental health history and feel strong and capable to overcome this, thanks to my faith in GOD and Nutrasilver! I will share what else has worked for me:
      1.) Nutrasilver as directed
      2.) Homeopathy by Energetix: http://www.goenergetix.com. Can buy on Amazon.Use Para-chord; Bacteria-chord; Mycocan-chord to pull out parasites, bacteria and fungus and follow-up with Lymph-Tone III. Homeopathy works on bioenergetic level and works for Morgellons because of this component of the pathology
      2.) Ionic Foot detox by Dyna-Chi out of Tucsan, AZ pulls the crap out and really helps! Also on Amazon.
      3.) Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Cream for active lesions; quells itching.
      4.) Himalayan Salt Lamps to purify and properly ionize air inside home, to combat the “smart dust”…just discovered these lamps and they are working great!
      I know this might be expensive at first but we are living completely normal lives and no one would know this is going on in our lives!! Please trust in God to lift us up from this evil, manmade toxic world and I pray that this will help heal you and God Bless You all!

      • in AZ
        in AZ says:

        We’ve been fighting these “bugs” for a little over a year now and contracted them after a heavy “spraying” that appeared to be falling from the sky. My young daughter barely contracted them yet was on antibiotics so she healed fast, but treatment still on-going. I saw actual mini-worms coming out of her back side and took her to the E.R. where they quarantied us ran tests & “found nothing!” I collected multiple “samples” some plainly showing antennae and legs looking like ant or thrip-like bugs under the magnifying glass… pest control took them & stated “we have a myriad of lawn pests & lost samples…”and that was that..” I brought to Vet & skin Dr. and was told nothing but fibers… Our animals were itching all the time and sickly looking but NutraSilver has been the life-saver for us all, but restock before low as it takes about a week to receive for us from Utah 1-state over. I’ve run out twice not fun…Incidentally most cotton here in the U.S. is GMO now so no wonder we can’t it use anymore. We need to educate others .. “gently” as not all know about & will think we r crazy until they can c for themselves esp when indoors & spraying can cover sky in an hour & no one “sees” it happening…I do not like being experimented on(GMO’s in U.S.) & spraying is done worldwide btw.. can see (GeoEngineering skywatch). I have felt the electric pulses when first infected and working outside in the wind..Krazy!!. BTW essential Clove oil & Eucalyptus has helped the scabs to harden & come off.. I also wonder if man-made rubber shoes contribute as may compromise our immune systems when so much “junk” out there to be cautious of… Stay strong everyone as “United we Stand but divided we will fall..” Thank you Anonymous for the great tips and I concur.

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