4 Morgellons Disease Treatments that Do Not Work

Morgellons disease is a terrible condition that can lead to ongoing pain and the sensation of things crawling under the skin, as well as “brain fog,” or lack of concentration and memory. Modern medicine has not yet determined an effective treatment for the condition, which means there are many sham alternatives floating around. If you are suffering from Morgellons disease, here are four treatments that you should be aware do not work:

1. Alfalfa tablets – Many Morgellons sufferers have been told that alfalfa tablets will remedy their situation, only to be left without results. Of all the Morgellons disease treatments, this may be the most misleading—there is literally no basis whatsoever to believe that alfalfa can cure or improve Morgellons disease or its symptoms. Don’t get us wrong: alfalfa is a very helpful herb and supplement. As a high fiber plant, it excels at reducing levels of bad cholesterol. There is evidence that it helps with kidney, bladder, and prostate conditions, and alfalfa is chock full of vitamins A, C, E and K4, as well as a variety of minerals. Taking alfalfa supplements will improve overall health, but it does nothing to combat Morgellons disease.

2. Lotions and creams – Because the symptoms of Morgellons disease are closely associated with sensations in the skin, topical treatments are often a first line of defense. However, topical treatments do not seem to help. Bear in mind that there are two competing explanations for Morgellons disease: one is that the disease is related to an infection of Borrelia spirochetes, which is not proven. If this is the case, only targeted antibiotic treatments would help; creams and lotions would do nothing. The other is that Morgellons is psychosomatic, meaning that treatment of stress and underlying psychological illness would be the best solution. In either case, there is nothing that a topical solution can do.


3. Dietary changes – In many ways, dietary changes are just the same fallacy as alfalfa supplements on a larger scale. Obviously, if there is a parasite infesting the body, then eating more greens or drinking less alcohol will not kill it off. Similarly, if Morgellons is primarily a psychological disease, then dietary changes are at best a placebo and unlikely to have any lasting impact. Eating well comes with many positive effects, but curing Morgellons is not one of them.

4. Electrical shock – This is perhaps the most frightening of all supposed “treatments.” Electrical shocks that do not harm the human body will not harm parasites either. Do not try the zapper!

What other treatments have you tried for your Morgellons disease? What has worked for you? NutraSilver is the best treatment for this rare condition. Contact us here for more information!

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  1. Joanne McCracken
    Joanne McCracken says:

    Nothing worked for me against Morgellons until nutrasilver. Some topical creams helped a bit, but the best treatment for skin pain is ice packs from the freezer. When symptoms started, I also had scabies, which was treatable, but the pain and brain fog continued after scabies was cleared up. All I got from my doctor was hydrocortisone cream which did’t do much. If I stop taking nutrasilver, the symptoms return, but nutrasilver works. Why is there so little research going on for this?

  2. Russell
    Russell says:

    Joanne, we support the Charles E Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation for Morgellons research.

    If you have been on NS for a long time, please reduce to about 20 drops and see if things remain the same for you, OK??

  3. Candice
    Candice says:

    I’m constantly reading about what might help with my Morgellons disease and I was into reading this website about how alfalfa doesn’t work in skin creams doesn’t help until I read the part safe it’s mainly a psychological disease.please anyone out there with Morgellons disease whenever you read anything saying you have a psychological problem quit reading it immediately and look 2 things posted that might really help.if they’re not a part of the solution they are part of the problem and saying we have a psychological disability is a part of the problem.into the man saying he had scabies honey it’s all Morgellons they copy every bug or parasite it’s a part of nanotechnology.I urge everyone to watch Sophia smalls torn about the sky there is a wealth of information there about what we’re dealing with god bless you and keep up the good fight

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