The Colloidal Silver Story

The Colloidal Silver Story

It all started 12 years ago…


Beneficial Solutions, LLC is the owner of NutraSilver® and NutraSilver Plus. Founded in 2003 in Reno, Nevada, the company sought ways to make contributions to humanity.

The owner of the company “connected the dots” and discovered that colloidal silver, when ingested properly, supported the immune system to eliminated Morgellons problems in a few weeks. Prior to Beneficial Solution’s, LLC involvement with colloidal silver, it was used primarily to kill water-borne germs in third-world countries, which it does quite easily and inexpensively.

Mission Statement

Beneficial Solutions, LLC, the world-wide distributor of NutraSilver, exists in order to serve our customer’s health needs.  We feel so strongly about our commitment to our customers being completely satisfied using NutraSilver that we guarantee the customer’s reason for purchasing with our well-respected 60-day money-back guarantee on their first order.

NutraSilver is safe. effective. powerful. dedicated to your health. Give it a try!

NutraSilver Plus

Bottle NutraSilver Plus 3,600 ppmNutraSilver® is made using natural ingredients: pure silver from our earth and distilled water. These two ingredients, when combined properly, can create a powerful anti-microbial. Colloidal Silver is pure for use by the entire family, when instructions are followed. Ask your doctor about using NutraSilver.

Our Story: Accidental Discovery Provides Relief for Morgellons Victims

We have an amazing story to share with everyone; we accidentally found an effective remedy for Morgellons syndrome, an emerging global affliction.

The victims suffer tremendously and relentlessly.

It all started while at a friend’s home repairing her computer. Since I had not seen her in a long time, I had to ask her what all those sores were that covered her neck, arms and legs. She told me she did not know what is was and she had been to many doctors including a dermatologist. None of the doctors were able to diagnose her; they merely gave her broad-band antibiotics and sent her home. She went to many doctors and all of them provided the same diagnosis; delusions of parasitosis (DOP) and offered no help whatsoever.

She told me that she had many other issues; “brain fog” whereby her ability to think and reason had diminished, chronic tiredness; she slept 12 to 18 hours a day and was still tired.

Her entire body “ached” like she had the flu but didn’t.

Morgellons lesion

Her hair and teeth seems to be under attack from something unknown. She had weeping, non-healing sores covering much of her body.

And most importantly, she had given up all hope. Her family, friends and everyone who knew her believed the doctors when they told her she had “Delusions of Parasitosis” (DOP). You see, she complained about animals or critters coming out of her skin and biting her relentlessly 24/7 under her skin.

Being covered with horrible sores, feeling sadness and having everyone tell her she was crazy resulted in her becoming morgellons lesions handsuicidal. She told me she would kill herself in a day or two. Somehow, I made the connection to the colloidal silver I had in my car. She decided to apply some colloidal silver to her sores just to see what might happen. Her sores were all red and very swollen. She put some colloidal silver on the back of her right hand and soon forgot about it.

Two hours latter, we looked at her hand in astonishment! Her redness and swelling were completely gone! Amazed, we agreed to watch the progress of the healing closely.

The next day, she told me that the sores on her right hand had begun to heal, for the first time in years. Within a weekor two, the sores were nearly gone, completely recovered. It was then that we noticed that new sores had formed on her lower arm, so she applied the colloidal silver to them. The same thing happened; they recovered, but caused new sores to form on her upper arm. Multi-colored fibers began to emerge; blue, white and black. Speckles began to form on her face under her eyes and she began to see black specks in her bed sheets when she woke in the morning.

We began to realize that we were doing it wrong; she needed to take the colloidal silver orally and stop applying it to her sores directly because obviously she was doing nothing more that spreading them around.

She started at 20 drops, twice a day. Within a week, her sores began to heal properly! She increased the number of drops to 30 3 times a day, then 40, 50 and 60 drops. She had no ill effects from taking colloidal silver and within the first week or so her sadness and “brain fog” began to diminish. She soon forgot about suicide and began to plan how she would re-enter society. We were both clueless, dumbfounded and amazed. We had no idea what was happening nor did we understand that we had just discovered an effective remedy for Morgellons, a word that we have had not heard up to that point.

Morgellons white marksBy the end of the 4th week, nearly all of her sores were completely recovered leaving white spots where the sores had been. Apparently, the sores had destroyed the pigmentation under them. She carries these white marks today.

We decided to look up her problems on the Internet and quickly found the word “Morgellons.” We read everything we could find and concluded that Morgellons is the name for a cluster of 93 issues as defined by the Morgellons Research Foundation.

Our reading was also very discouraging since MD’s and Dermatologist agreed that Morgellons does not exist and that anyone who suffered from Morgellons was delusional having scratched themselves to the point of creating sores. They also stated that the fibers were nothing more than household debris embedded by the sufferer.

After 10 weeks of 50 drops, 3 times a day, she declared herself “problem-free” and remains that way to this very day.

Today, she lives a normal life; she works, plays with her grand-kids, socializes and basically went back to having a normal life. She was one of the fortunate people who managed to avoid suicide. She still becomes sad about life in general, but she never feels hopeless as she did before she took the colloidal silver. She has returned to her previous life with a great deal of gratitude for having her life back again.

I had to make some financial decisions regarding how available Colloidal Silver would be to the average Morgellons sufferer, so I decided to price it low enough so that the average person could afford it and price would not become the barrier for people to heal from Morgellons.


I spend hours every day consoling and encouraging Morgellons sufferers from around the world.

That is my story, and it goes on – with You! We like to hear your story and we would be happy to give you the opportunity to publish your Story on our blog. Just write me an email and we can get started.

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