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The Necessity for Water Treatment

Dirty Unsanitary Water

90% of the world’s freshwater is unsafe to drink

So you need clean water, eh? I’m not surprised. Pure water is the single most important life sustaining resource on planet earth.

But there’s a big problem: According to the EPA, 90% of the world’s fresh water is contaminated and unsafe to drink. That can only mean that the water you drink is in need of water treatment.

So what about the 10% that is supposedly clean?

If I had my guess, I’d say that the “safe” fresh water the EPA is reffering to can be found flowing 1000′s of feet beneath Alaskan glaciers.

Just about every water source found on the surface of earth can be lumped together in the unsafe-and-risky-to-drink category.

Should you tempt fate and dip your water bottle into a cute, clean-looking alpine spring and take a swig? That’s brave. You might be taking your own life in your hands.

Botulism, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, giardia, and crypto are nothing to mess with.

Whether you’re backpacking, hiking, traveling across the world, or preparing for emergencies, what can you do to provide safe water for yourself and your family?

That’s what we’ll discus in our water treatment resources. Click here to discover how colloidal silver covers all of your water treatment needs.

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