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MRSA Videos

Hundreds of thousands of people world-wide are infected with life-threatening MRSA. Traditional antibiotics and even the new “exotic” antibiotics seem to have little if any effect on this deadly infection. Below are videos that should educate you as to how you can protect yourself and you loved-ones.

MRSA and NutraSilver

De-mystify MRSA and get to the truth about how to rid yourself of this life-threatening disease.

MRSA Infections and New MRSA Treatment Options

Dr. Moore is a researcher that shares critical information that your doctor does not tell you.  Explored is where you get it and  how dangerous it can be. Imagine, 12 Million emergency room visits every year in the the US alone. Misdiagnosis, ignorance and the indiscriminate use of antibiotics are also discussed.

Lancing MRSA Boils

Filmed live, this little girl endures lancing of her MRSA boil to remove the puss and better control the infection. Warning: this is very graphic.

MRSA Relieved

Amazing how much comes out of a MRSA boil…

If you or a loved one suffers from MRSA, please, have the guts to stand up and put an end to the cycle of doom that you’ll find in medical institutions. Take it upon yourself to heal and save a life in the process.

NutraSilver is effect against MRSA. Don’t bet your life on antibiotics.

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