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Morgellons Videos

Here are several videos discussing Morgellons, Chemtrails, conspiracy theories, etc. While much of this is interesting, we invite you to focus on the only thing that really mattersnew bottle which is getting rid of your Morgellons symptoms. Now that you have found us, it is up to you to get our Morgellons pack of 8 bottles, follow the instructions exactly and watch yourself regain your energy, clarity of thought and frankly, you entire life! Let your healing begin!

Morgellons discussed by Connie, the first person to use NutraSilver for Morgellons

Connie suffered for 10 years with undiagnosed Morgellons.  She saw many doctors and dermatologists, only to be told she is delusional.  Sound familiar? Threatening suicide, Connie was at the end or her emotional and physical reserves. This video tells the remarkable story about how Connie, who had completely given up, chose to fight and win!

There is hope and Connie does a great job sharing her story of triumph over Morgellons disease.

Connie’s Update. Connie reports that she is still symptom-free as of 2014

You have to watch this video, especially if you are looking for some encouragement around YOU ridding yourself of Morgellons symptoms.! Nearly 8 years later, Connie continues here story about life without Morgellons.  She works, plays with her grand kids and is just enjoying life without Morgellons.

Dr Behi, a prominent dental surgeon in southern California, discusses her amazing healing using NutraSilver

Dr. Behi is a highly-trained medical professional who nearly lost her life to Morgellons. Suicidal, she took NutraSilver after all her nails and all of her body hair fell out. She was referred to a Psychiatrist and Dermatologists with no results. We are so happy that Dr. Behi has returned to better health and that she is back enjoying her life.

Julie discusses her long road to recovery from Morgellons

Julie, who works at UC Davis in California, has been dealing with Morgellons for over 10 years.  Here she discusses how NutraSilver has changed her life and allowed her to become closer to her family and friends.

The Doctors TV show interviews a Morgellons sufferer

Dr. William Harvey, MD, a specialist on Morgellons, is interviewed on the TV show “the Doctors.” He reveals his research into Morgellons. Also, a guest shares her ordeal trying to get help from the Medical profession.  Formerly an athlete, she shares her shame and embarrassment when she feels like bugs are biting her, she feels the “floaters” in her eyes and the lesions all over her body.

Chemtrails are often associated with Morgellons

Real science around ChemTrails. This video includes original footage now featured on “What In The World Are They Spraying”. Chemtrails are persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world.

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