E. Coli Educational Videos

The sickness that E. coli causes are horribly unpleasant and in some instances, mostly for elderly people and young children, can kill you. You have a right to expect that the food you consume is safe. After all, that is the job of the FDA, right?new bottle

Truth is, the FDA hasn’t done a great job at regulating the handling of fruits, vegetables and animal products. What that means for you is that you have to provide the safety net to keep your family safe, because when animal waste is found on your food, you are in really big trouble.

E. coli is all over the news because it has found its way into beef, chicken and pork products currently sold on your grocery shelf. The situation that surrounds E. coli can be confusing and knowing how to protect yourself and your family is important, so we have collected these videos for you so that you can better understand this bacterial infection.

E. Coli in the news

Prefer English rather than “medical?” Well, this video is for you since it explains eColi in simple, easy to understand language. Where do you get eColi? What can you do about it?  Listen to this video and get informed.

E. Coli 0157 is a rare strain of the E. Coli bacteria and can be spread through food, water and human touch

Killer-strain of eColi is discussed by scientists from the CDC . Starting to feel like a simple stomach ache, it rapidly kills intestinal cells and then can move to the brain.  Why the rapid spread?  Because this fecal-matter infection kills 60 people each year in the US, it is considered a “seriel-killer”

Twelve-year-old, Rylee Gustafson and her mother, Kathleen Chrismer speak about Rylee’s experience while suffering from E. Coli

This brave little girls shares her eColi ordeal as she fights for her life. What did it feel like? What did she go through when she thought she would die from her spinach salad?

Contaminated beef is on grocery store shelves right now

eColi in the news!!! Beef, pork and chicken are the culprits of death and sickness from eColi. Is our food safe?  Here is a lively debate.

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