Candida Drinking Water Safety Health Morgellons

Whether you suffer from a painful health condition like Morgellons or Candida overgrowth, or want to get rid of your cold, flu or sinus infection, colloidal silver products can help. From eliminating disease from your body to maintaining your general health to treating contaminated water, colloidal silver has a wide range of uses and benefits. [...]

Drinking Water Safety

Those who enjoy outdoors activity are constantly concerned about the safety and quality of the water they drink. Used as a water purifier, NutraSilver® is portable and is now being used by backpackers, international travelers, soldiers and anyone who must have drinking water that is pathogenic-free and completely safe to drink. Sold globally for over [...]

Drinking Water Safety

"Dear EarthTalk: Bottled water companies would have us all believe that tap water is unsafe to drink. But I’ve heard that most tap water is actually pretty safe. Is this true?" – Sam Tsiryulnikov, Los Angeles, CA Environmentalists Fault EPA for Failing to Establish Tap Water Standards EWG did find over 90 percent compliance by [...]

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