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NutraSilver’s Morgellons Heroes (Success Stories)

Morgellons sufferers have been flocking to the NutraSilver site for years because they have heard from friends, family and other Morgellons sufferers that NutraSilver really does produce results that are profound and life-saving.  Below are just a few stories, written by the Morgellons sufferer themselves,  that describes how these ordinary people used extraordinary personal strength and courage to beat their Morgellons disease. We want to publish YOUR story after you have eliminated your Morgellons symptoms.

Every single story below is from Morgellons sufferers who FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS that we provide with the product and they regained their lives. They are our “hero’s”. You can be one too.

You need the “Morgellons 8-pack” to get this infection pushed out of you from the inside.

Listen to these stories and pleas from fellow sufferers for you to stop your suffering. The end of your Morgellons suffering is near.

Holistic Healthcare RN with Morgellons Gets Her Life Back

I have had Morgellons for about 1 1/2 yrs. I am 50 y.o. female; also a holistic health RN, but contracted this from my husband who brought home scabies from travel. Oddly, he doesn’t have these symptoms but my 11 yo daughter, and my mother all do and also had treatment for scabies. Scabies is either the vector or the permethin cream we were forced to use (took 3 rounds to cure scabies) had these nano-particles in it and infected us…maybe both. Because several of us have symptoms, I am not thought to be crazy by family and my husband witnessed these specks coming out of me… but my mother’s dermatologist did treat her as if she was delusional and so we are suffering to be believed just like all of you…but have confidence because

THIS IS A REAL PHYSIOLOGICAL AILMENT AND WE ARE NOT CRAZY. WE JUST NEED TO BE OUR OWN HEALTH ADVOCATES AND HELP EACH OTHER!!! What I want to share is that after finding the first black specks coming out of my hands and face, I immediately googled and found NutraSilver and got everyone on it RIGHT AWAY AND IT COMPLETELY TREATED THIS AFFLICTION AND STOPPED PROGRESSION IMMEDIATELY!!! I THANK GOD FOR RUSSELL AND NutraSilver AND PRAY THEY WILL NEVER STOP MAKING IT. I do take maintenance dose 15 drops 2x daily because we are constantly being reinfected by our environment (GMO’s and chemtrails). Prior to getting this, I was just a regular mom of 4, living my normal life, not suspecting that anything like this could be going on…but after trying to get to the bottom of my bizarre symptoms, this is what my research has yielded. I have absolutely NO mental health history and feel strong and capable to overcome this, thanks to my faith in GOD and NutraSilver! Please trust in God to lift us up from this evil, man-made toxic world and I pray that this will help heal you and God Bless You all!

Skeptical Investigator Beats Morgellons

“Well it’s been 3 months and still no signs of my [Morgellons] symptoms returning. Being an investigator, also makes me a serious skeptic, but I must salute you and thank you more than words can describe. After years of misery and countless trips to a variety of Doctors and Healers from different cultures and religions, you are responsible for giving me back a life that I was convinced was gone forever.”

“I remember our first phone conversation, you repeatedly stressed the importance of following the instructions without fail. I’ve always had a problem following instructions of this nature, so for the first week, I had the assistance of six close friends who made sure that I followed your instructions perfectly. During the remaining three weeks of my treatment did not require any outside help, because of the improvements I experienced in the first seven days. That was all the incentive I needed!”
FrankField Investigator 2014

NutraSilver to the rescue…. I truly believe that it has saved my life.

“I was being eaten alive. At age 45 I lost all of my stored body fat I literally went from 135 to 97 pounds in about 3 months. The more I ate the more I lost. it actually attacked my face and in 1 month my family saw me go from looking 35 and beautiful to looking 85 and scary as I went bold from above my ears down and about 1 inch of hairline. I also lost my eye lashes and my eyebrows. Lines grew vertically and horizontally were/how wrinkles do not form) across my face and put creases in it. Plus I would wake up to a swollen face and eyes with sores all around

Now after a full year of not having my eyebrows, they are almost completely back. My hair is back and the lines on my face are almost completely gone. I have also gained 16 lbs. This is ALL ATTRIBUTED DIRECTLY TO USING [colloidal silver] AND THE PROTOCOL OF ITS USE… This will change my life forever as I have gotten adjusted to healthy eating and exercise which leads to healthy life and longevity.

Thank you sooooo much for your specials which enables me to take 45 drops 3 times per day. And use in my ears and sinuses as needed.

I have told many people about NutraSilver and actually have friends and family members using the product.

I do follow your guidelines to a T. Those guidelines are actually healthy living…your giving those guidelines proves to me your concern for my health and well-being. Not simply for you to bank on sick people as some idiots may say. Hell I had a bag full of fibers fuzz balls and a phone full of pics that my doctor simply refused to look at. Lucky for me he diagnosed me with Morgellons, as I had ALL the symptoms. Of course he is the one who then went to a meeting and turned around and said it was not real; my sores not worthy of treating. He also refused to put me in a mental institution as he said I am not crazy.

When I found NUTRASILVER is when I started living again as after 1 1/2 years of searching for answers. I was sicker than ever and a prisoner in my home. I was ready to give up my search went to one of finding a Dr Kavorchion solution.”
Pamela – 2014

Raven’s Rapid Healing Time is Astounding! July 2013

“I just wanted to let you know the miraculous healing that has taken place for me after taking the NutraSilver for just five days. I felt the deep depression and brain fog lift just after two days and feel like I have my mind and body back. After two years of a nightmare illness, your product has saved my physical body as well as my mental capacity in just a week….thank you, thank you! I can think, process thought, and motivate myself again. It’s a miracle.

There are some additional products I used that have helped tremendously in aiding the NutraSilver. I have used a borax rinse in my hair and it works wonders to get rid of the fiber build-up in the hair. I discovered this about six months ago while surfing endlessly for remedies and it really works. My hair is long and has returned to it’s normal texture after two years.

I have my mind back! I think the scariest aspect of Morgellons is the total “mind-wipe” that occurs. The physical aspect is like having cancer and no one believes you because unless you have it, most people have never heard of it and think you’re crazy. Having family, friends, and co-workers observe my behavior and not have “cause” to believe that there is a reason has been the worst. Just your understanding and absolute dedication to helping people with Morgellons has made all the difference.

I will continue taking the NutraSilver and would be happy to promote your product in any way I can. I pray for the protection of your company, this product and for you. I have no doubt this will become an epidemic for all the reasons it was intended to be.”

Brightest Blessings!

Daniel W’s Letter to Morgellons Sufferers

Dear fellow Morgellons victims,

“I’m writing on behalf of all the young people and the elderly with Morgellons who have been shunned, criticized, and out-caste by society thinking we suffers of this horrible disease are crazy. I personally knew absolutely nothing about this disease until I came home from school one day of September 2007 andnew bottle noticed granule-like crystals on my hands. I also noticed clear fibers that appeared to be coming out of my hands as well. I went to the computer and typed in “black crystals on hands?” or something to that extent. I stumbled upon a few websites that had details of Morgellons symptoms and the blue, black, clear, and red fibers with granules coming out of hands, body, and or hair. I didn’t automatically assume I have this disease after a couple months of thorough personal research I had whatever this bizarre disease was. Every single symptom I had matched everything I read. I had everything from the physical identification of Morgellons right down to all the mental and cognitive disorders of Morgellons; brain fog, I slept constantly, depression, insomnia at night (slept all through the days), lost a lot of weight, everything aliment you could imagine I had. But by far the worst symptoms was the anxiety that would come out of nowhere, it literally felt like I was even in my body at times.

It began to slowly but surely rule my life. I noticed the fibers everywhere in my home, friend’s homes, family member’s homes, these fibers were everywhere but I was one of the only that had symptoms to this extent. My friends and family had the fibers on there body and hair as well. My friends were the only ones who believed me about the fibers and knew I was sick. I tried to express to my mother and stepfather what was going on but surely my mother thought I was loosing my mind which I can completely understand because of how bizarre this disease sounds to the layman. Finally after convincing my mom I had this disease I stumbled upon a website called “NutraSilver®”. My mother personally thought I was crazy but my stepfather said “whether its in his head or not we can see if this helps”

So my step dad bought a bottle of NutraSilver® and it came with another for free. The first night I tried the NutraSilver® I had to lie down in bed with my mother I trembled so bad. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better. I started to use the NutraSilver® a couple times a day and just put some drops in my daily routine of drinking water. Everyday progressively got better, I started to forget completely about Morgellons and live my life. It ruled my life, I am an 18 year old male (at the time I was 17). I also stumbled across an amazing doctor and friend named Dr. Susan Kolb. I found her website when I was researching about Morgellons and even though I lived many states away and was very embarrassed I deciding to just call her and tell her what was going on. She talked to my parents, talked to my family and tried to express to them that this is a real disease. Still after all of that they still did not believe. She gave me great tips to get slowly but surely better as well. I slowly started being able to go to school more and focus more on my life. Everyday with NutraSilver® and Dr. Kolb’s advice made everyday easier to get through. As last summer came along (2008), I was very confident I was Morgellons-free. I completely forgot about the disease and was able to live my life.

I moved into a new home, had a new life ahead of me and I felt like my life was finally back, unfortunately I ran out of NutraSilver® around September of 2008 and was unable to purchase it again with the lack of my finances. I stopped using it all together. Around November or December my symptoms started coming back fully. I had brain fog again, depression, anxiety, fatigue; the fibers were coming out of my skin again. I was once again infected. They were around my new home and in my hair and body once again. I talked to Doctor Kolb at least once a month to keep her updated. With her help I personally discovered some things that helped in the mean time until I could get another credit card to purchase NutraSilver® once more. My symptoms got so bad living at my new home I finally ended up moving back into my mother’s house where I first discovered I had Morgellons. I still felt horrible, I discovered something called Trilogy Cardio Essentials in my fridge that mom used to lower her blood pressure and things of that nature. It was recommended by someone who also used silver on a daily basis that ran a herbal store down the street from me. So I took a couple swigs every day unknowing the effect it would have on me. The next day I glanced at my hands after I was out of the shower. I noticed the fibers purging out like I had seen with NutraSilver®; it was very scary.

I am still drinking it and it helps just as NutraSilver® has. I have used many things to help with this horrific disease but I can honestly say NutraSilver®, Dr. Bronners, and Trilogy Cardio Essentials has helped the most by far. I’m sick of people ignoring this disease; even doctors are ignoring it. I know there are so many people that are struggling with this disease everyday, and I truly desire for them to live their life and again and take back what’s rightfully theirs.

My life is finally coming into view again, and I literally owe my life to a man named Russell at NutraSilver® and a wonder Doctor by the name of Susan Kolb. I have never met a person so dedicated to seeing their patients or customers get better than Dr. Kolb.

My final advice to any man, women or child with Morgellons is get NutraSilver®, have a positive mind-set and lives your life again; I don’t want anyone to go through what I have been through with anxiety and depression.”

Daniel W.

Morgellons Suffering Ends for Larry

“I just wanted to thank you for speaking with me a few days ago. Your advice, encouragement, and concern meant a lot to me. I backed down to 40-50 drops of NutraSilver [for Morgellons], and now I am feeling much, much better. I think I was just taking a little too much and feeling the results of a “mini-purge” for several days. I was also taking a lot of hot baths, sweating a lot, and drinking a lot of water. However, all of that has paid off. Most of my sores have indeed fallen off, and last night I didn’t feel any “crawling.” I started taking NutraSilver on July 6th, so I am coming to the end of my third week. I am getting better just like you said I would.

In this day and age, there are fewer and fewer people that you can trust (especially when it comes to buying something). So I hope you will forgive me for giving you a hard time at first. Thank you for putting up with my phone calls, for listening and understanding. But most of all, thank you for offering a product that really does work and for being a person that really does care. Morgellons was destroying my life. My family didn’t understand. The doctors turned their backs on me. No one was willing to help except for you. I will never be able to thank you enough.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I have many skills in the area of writing, computer graphics, web design, and legal stuff. I might even be interested in selling NutraSilver, if that is possible. No matter what, I intend to devote a great deal of time telling others about this product. It has literally saved my life. I know that there are thousands of people out there who are hurting and don;t know what to do. I met many of them on the internet when I was searching for an answer. If you want to guide me, then let me know. I will gladly listen to you (without argument, I promise).

Thank you again.”

Larry T.July, 2012

Loving Daughter Helps Her Mother Barbara with Morgellons

“Just wanted to let your know my mother has been taking the [NutraSilver] drops since November [for Morgellons] and has had amazing changes.  She said she hasn’t felt this good in years.  The lesions on her legs have gone away and it looks like bruises.  You had mentioned they would have a white scar. 

This has been a miracle and my parents are now believers!!  One doctor, her dermatologist that is supplying her with pain pills, barely acknowledged the change and her podiatrist took pictures of her legs and documented.

What a disappointment in the AMA system.  Unfortunately, it’s all about the money and not about healthcare.  I’ve read some information about the government trying to shut down the supplemental and natural healthcare products.  What a shame that would be!!

Thanks for helping me give my mother her life back!”

Mark’s Story of Healing

“I have spoken with Susan Kolb, MD in Atlanta, GA about this [Morgellons];  she is one of the leading experts on the subject.  Dr. Brad Gould there also specializes in this condition. (770) 457-4677. They recommend NutraSilver.

The NutraSilver is for a condition so-called “Morgellon’s”:  my symptoms resulted in my Total disability have lost almost everything).  Symptoms include mental confusion, mental fatigue and inability to function to remember, normally.

Also, breakouts of rashes and infections resembling “nits” or parasitic type insects are a constant condition WITHOUT the NutraSilver.  It started in 2005 on the bottom of my feet, moved upward through the body, and now mainly manifests on and around the ears, the fingers and forearms, toe nails, and in the head and hair areas.   Before NutraSilver, it would be SO severe and SO unattractive that I was unable to even go out in public for days at a time; this occurred frequently for years.  Now, I can count on being able to go out in public, as long as I take the NutraSilver.

Intestinal disorders of a parasitic nature are very common also.  Sleep disorders, neurological and other symptoms are common and were some other symptoms I had.

I will check my records for some of the dozens of RX, veterinary meds, nutrition products I have tried… These probably number in the hundreds and the expenses for this were astronomical.  Like I said, over years of this illness, I have suffered bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of career and lost most everything.

The CDC is again studying the condition via Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. There is no known “cure.”  The medical profession can not even agree on a diagnosis. Many, many thousands worldwide suffer from this; some have committed suicide.

However, the good news is that NutraSilver, an intense colloidal silver product, relieves most all physical manifestations. It enables me to sleep some, eliminates the “mental fog” and I am again starting to work some.  It is the ONLY product I have found which makes ANY significant difference at all. I buy it as cheaply as possible, being a distributor for it, which cuts my cost almost in half. I have used all of it for myself, there is NO profit motive at all.

My local internist is fairly new for me; he knows that the condition exists and he has no objection to my9.22.06-2 - Copy taking NutraSilver. This product, in this colloidal strength, is available no where else that I know of. I will ask him for a letter.

I have seen over a dozen Medical professionals for this problem and its symptoms and complications. To little avail, I might add.

There is much more to the story than this. I have literally boxes of information I thought important enough to save.  It’s cause is unknown, there is much speculation. I am not public about this condition, and in this small town, I wish this information to remain Confidential. I AM willing to help ANYONE else suffering from it, as I KNOW the hell that it makes this life.  NutraSilver has been my only real hope in years.

Thank you, profusely, for your care, your concern, and your past help, Loralee.”

Carol wins her battle with Morgellons

“I’ve had Morgellons symptoms since April of 2006.

I had gone to my doctor because I was unable to walk without a cane. My right knee was very tender and I had never had anything like this pain before. The doctor gave me an antibiotic. I was supposed to go back to see him in two weeks. In that length of time my right leg was now feeling fine. However, my abdomen and body were covered with many lesions. The doctor kept addressing my leg problem, but not acknowledging the obviously open lesions all over me.

Since that time I’ve seen at least seven doctors and have had no success in getting a cure for this very odd set of symptoms.June 29 - 4

However, I found the ad for NutraSilver, and tried it! The staff at NutraSilver was very helpful, to say the least, and I was on my way to feeling a lot better.

NutraSilver is the best product that I know of for controlling the awful lesions and other symptoms. After using it over a period of time, it miraculously stopped most of the lesions and helped cut down on the crawling and stinging sensations, to the point where I was pretty much in control of my body again.

What a wonderful feeling! It did not cure the disease, but it put me back in the driver’s seat so that I could live an almost perfectly normal lifestyle again.

NutraSilver is the best product that I have found for the control of Morgellons. I have more peace of mind, and have freedom from most of the symptoms when I am using it.”

Helena’s Healing from Morgellons

“About 4 or 5 years ago, it appears on top of my head a little wounds. They grow and I had itch. It appeared some more, and on my arms too. I went to the doctor, and he said to me that was because I paint my hair. And my arms? I don’t paint them! (He had no answers, and became angry with me.) Another doctor said too, when he saw my legs, that was about dilapidation. And my arms? And my head? (He had no answers) My back had lesions too. I went to many doctors: dermatology, infections, and so on. I make all medical examinations and biopsy, in different Institute.

The result from biopsy didn’t accuse anything. I was studied by a dermatologist University. All them only said nonsense and had different opinions. I have take so many pills and injections. I’ve put so many dermatological creams, and pills to my mind, and I was always worse. Each day I was more desperate.

All doctors tried to cure me and I was a NORMAL woman. When they saw me worse, all they said I was CRAZY, and I needed a psychiatrist. Well, I was sure I were not crazy. Firstly I was normal, after I was crazy? I was humiliated.

In Portugal the doctors are very expensive; and they just want my money, week by week. I spent so much! I was071806.11 very angry. I was suffering and constantly picking these “things” from my head, legs, arms. I was sure I had parasitic. So I began observing them and take notes. In my left leg, I saw them grow, and multiply, and they eat me. In my right leg I pull out them, keep them in a bottle in “normal” liquid, and I observed with a glass. I wanted to kill them, and I made very experiences. I’ve drink lye in the water, I put pure lye on my body, and others dangerous products. In the bath with salt, I feel better.

The parasitic stayed in my body, under my skin, I feel them to peck like a bee, and eating, and eating my skin. I feel them like bugs in all my body. I had “black hairs” on my back and right arm; I thought it could be caused by some cream that put.

One day I though: the parasitic stay in the skin, they breath and I’ll kill them! So, I put to much Vaseline on my legs, arms, and back, and I wrapped with adherent plastic (from foods), and I stay with that during the night. Next day, when I take of the plastic, there was on it, many parasitic. I have repeated during a week. I’ve feel better, but wasn’t the solution. So, I try the same with pork card, and I put on my head, too. Some parasitic comes out. One lesion appears on my face. NO ! With a trouser I cut everything around and it disappear forever, I think. I was desperate, tired and confused. I couldn’t to sleep. Sometimes I wanted to die.

I can’t go anywhere, I can’t tell about this to anybody. I lost my friend, my social life. I can’t embrace my grand-daughters or play with them. With my clients I’ve a smile, but after that I weep. YOU already know all this things.In February, at last, I saw your video. Thank you Connie. You gave me a new hope.

I searched on internet all about Morgellons. Now I know what is my disease. I tell to professor of University, and she told me: it doesn’t exist!

My Morgellons are white, and some of them are black.

I had afraid, but I’ve think: if Connie didn’t die, I don’t die! And I bought NutraSilver®

I take 30 drops x 3 times, on first day, February 4, 2008, 40, 50, 60, and 70 drops. I just eat salad, fruit and some fish, like Dr. Susan Kolb write me on NutraSilver® instructions.

My lesions and smaller and better. Sometimes I smell like a dog. 6 days later, at 3 AM, I wake up with a strange sensation: I feel like “air” coming out of my head. I went to the bathroom and I connect the Aspirator (with water, Rainbow) to catch them. I don’t know. I’ve feel “the air” coming out too on my back, and my fingers (feet and hands). I feel Morgellons in my right eye, nose, and mouth, coming out, until 7 AM. It was an horror, but at last I was very tired and very good. The NutraSilver® finished and I stayed 11 days without it.

March 22, I’ve NutraSilver® again. I take 70 drops. I’m better. I don’t feel bugs in my body already. From my body comes out much sand. The Morgellons in my legs, arms and back are smaller. But I think the Morgellons to ascend to my head. On top of head I feel. Much more bugs, and I’ve 7 big lesions yet. The lesions have Morgellons like “rice”. They eat my skin and I’ve more itch. I extract them, but another comes, and another and another. I don’t know if this big Morgellons are the last ones, and if this is the end.

Sometimes I think God has a mission for me, but I don’t know what is it.

Sorry my English. Sorry about my longer description.


Alan B and his Triumphant Journey with NutraSilver

“Hi NutraSilver®!

The package arrived and I was really happy and grateful that you had put in an extra bottle!

Excitedly took my first dose and WOW!

I have had a “slug” of phlegm running down the back of my throat for 4-5 years that has never really moved, and also really clogged sinuses and ears… well within 3-5 minutes of having the first 30 drops I could feel the “slug” unhitching from the wall of my throat!!!! It was a very strange but welcome feeling, something like I’ve never felt before!!!

Well I’ve now had the 3x 30 drops for the first day and can honestly say that my energy levels are higher than normal and I seem to be more alert too.”


“About 7 years ago my children, partner and I were living in Auckland NZ and there was an outbreak of Canadian Painted Apple Moth. The NZ government ordered pesticide from the US and aerial sprayed it over the entire western part of Auckland city in a bid to wipe them out. This spraying continued for 8 weeks every day and affected 400,000+ people. This is where I believe I received my dose of agro-bacterium! The NZ government refused to release the chemical composition of the spray used as it was the “trade secret” of the supplier…. !@#$%^&*!!!

I think we are just seeing the first small outbreaks of what is going to be a huge global problem and I’d say NutraSilver® is positioned to help a lot of suffering people regain their lives.

Personally I’ve even battled to get my partner, parents and friends to believe me so I can’t wait to prove them all wrong… after all if I didn’t have Morgellons then how the heck did NutraSilver® heal all the lesions of my legs and arms ;-)))”

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