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NutraSilver’s Lyme Disease Heroes

We are delighted to report that there are many Lyme disease success stories using colloidal silver.

Below, you’ll see several stories, written by real Lyme disease sufferers, who have shared their stories so that you can be encouraged to feel that there is hope and that you can conquer your Lyme disease.

Linda S

“I believe that colloidal silver has been a major component of my being healed from Lyme Disease. I contracted it in September of 2000 from a tick bite, but wasn’t diagnosed until July of 2001 so I have been battling the chronic form ever since.  I would say my “cure” is still ongoing, but I am symptom free (finally!) as of December 2010.  I know the Lyme CANNOT defend itself against colloidal silver and so wherever it still lurks in my body, my strengthened immune system plus the silver is seeking it out and destroying it as I still take 25-30 drops 1-2X per day. My doctor started me on it (30-40 drops 3X/day) in June of 2009.”

“I was on a different form of silver by IV push 3x/week for two and a half months in 2008 and did not see the results I saw with just a few months of drops taken orally.  I also take it for any type of viral infection that happens to take hold of me and actually cause symptoms (which happens rarely).  My family and friends were reluctant to believe at first, but now know by experience the power of colloidal silver (the “only one that works” my doctor says).  I was also healed of systemic Candidiasis which plagues most Lyme sufferers.”

“All in all, this stuff IS the silver bullet (ha!) you are looking for if you suffer from Lyme Disease.  It may take awhile, but it is effective and thorough. I combined it with homeopathy and rife treatments.” From

Thank you!!!!

Ron H

“I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease since, 2005.

The Majority of the treatment I attempted for the disease, was with antibiotics , which made me ill. I would try to take them before I went running, hoping to maximize their efficiency.

But I could, and would function with antibiotics; I was able to respond for three months to Hurricanes new bottleKatrina and Wilma while taking Amoxicillin though I was constantly nauseous.

My most distinct “symptom” of the disease is a signature symptom, tinnitus, my ears ring. The ringing in my ears modulated directly in response to the effectiveness of the treatment. I could hear both changes frequency and pitch, so I know how well any treatment works.

If I stopped the treatment however, the disease was quick to return loud and clear, and only when I took a higher than recommended dose of tetracycline , did my ears ever stop ringing, its like having a turbine ocean in my head 24/7 rising and falling. I deduced tentatively that individual colonies have their own strength and frequency based of their environment and their [electrical] reproductive potential. I was “hearing” a composite of these signals with interference patterns, peaks and oscillations.

I found NutraSilver® in 2007 while reading about Morgellons, and decided to give it a try.

The ringing has stopped several times only to resume fainter, each time, so I am getting close to what I consider remission. I Thank Jesus For colloidal silver and Medical Pioneers who made it reality. I did however have to cut out soft drinks and try to not eat sugar which this disease thrives on!

My regimen was to take three or more daily doses of colloidal silver in a plastic 12 ounce bottled water and then once a week to go for one or more 150 drop “Reduction Doses” in my Standard U.S. Military one quart Canteen.

My NutraSilver® experience was astounding, I found that NutraSilver® was so quick to react to the active bacterial state that it felt like a cool wash over my brain that I could actually feel, sort of a electric feeling of cleanliness when drinking a “medicinal” dose of [colloidal silver].”

Julie’s Story

“I developed painful sores on my left shoulder with stinging and biting pain and ferocious itching out of the blue in August 2006. The sores did not heal and spread down my arm. Everything worsened at night.

After trying everything I could think of on my own and getting no results, I went to see my Kaiser doc and asked him if it could be scabies. He examined me and said it did not look like scabies, but took a skin scraping. He looked at it under a microscope and said he saw no mites or evidence of scabies. He had no answers or solution.

The condition escalated in the following weeks and new sores erupted on my right upper shoulder that spread down that arm. I also began to get the sores on my neck and upper back. They all started the same way. It felt like I was being stung from the inside out with intense pain and itching, then the sore would erupt like a small volcano. Extrusions of tiny hard rod shaped granules exuded from the lesions. The lesions spread and became large scabby sores. It was ugly and I concealed my arms by wearing long sleeved shirts even though it was in the 90’s outside. I collected some of these granules and looked at them under a microscope. There was a cell wall with blue fibers within the structure. I’d been conducting research via the internet and read about Morgellons. Even though I didn’t have the fiber aspect of this condition, I believe I would have gotten to that point had I not been introduced to colloidal silver. Within one week, the lesions began to heal and dissipate. After a few weeks, almost all of the sores were gone. I continued to experience outbreaks of the stinging and biting sensation that coincided with the full and new moon lunar phase. This phenomenon is consistent with reproduction in parasites and worms. As long as I took colloidal silver, the outbreaks were minor and the tiny sores healed immediately. If I stopped, the lesions rapidly multiplied and spread. I have now been taking colloidal silver daily for over 2 yrs. I take 30 drops 2-3x/day. If I stop, the lesions recur.”

“In my research online, I had read that there was a strong correlation between Morgellons and Lyme disease. Over 95% with Morgellons symptoms test positive for Lyme. I was tested and found to be infected with Lyme also. I am self treating for chronic late stage Lyme with herbal anti[-microbials]. Some of the treatments others had been trying for Morgellons such as de-wormers (ivermectin, etc.) were not a viable option for me. The battle with Lyme is an endless pursuit as well. I have improved greatly, but the continuous cycling and assault also correlating to the lunar phases requires sustained effort and fortitude. Detoxification protocols such as coffee enemas and the use of French green clay among other things are essential. It’s a roller coaster ride to say the least…and not a thrilling one at that.”

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