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Introducing NutraSilver Plus

Prior to us importing NutraSilver into the United States for global distribution, NutraSilver was used throughout the third World to kill waterborne pathogens which make up the number one killer of humans on planet Earth. Millions of lives have been saved using this product to create palatable drinking water and to provide a means by which people could wash their fruits and vegetables and eat them safely.

What is NutraSilver?

NutraSilver consists of only two ingredients:

  1. nano sized metallic silver particles from mother Earth
  2. distilled water

Combining these two ingredients in a proprietary manner produces NutraSilver Plus, a potent 3600 PPM colloidal silver product that is known and respected throughout the world as being the premier colloidal silver concentrate.

We wanted to ensure that NutraSilver is not only safe to use orally, but effective against the worst known pathogens. So we embarked on using multiple world-class, independent FDA/ISO-certified labs across the US and around the world to test NutraSilver.

We even used the most prestigious independent lab in the world; the Louis Pasteur lab in France. The test results were not only astonishing to us but they were astounding to the scientists conducting the lab tests themselves. Every harmful pathogen tested died remarkably quickly and thoroughly. Multiple toxicity tests demonstrated conclusively that NutraSilver has zero toxicity.

So how do we know what ailments to use NutraSilver for?

Our customers have told us! Think of it this way; any place that you would like to destroy a bacteria, virus or fungus is the proper application for NutraSilver. That would include inside your body, the surface of your body, and your entire environment.

And let us not forget pets. They bring us so much joy and love to our lives, so why not provide them with a pathogen-free life just like you are? It is inexpensive to use very small quantities of NutraSilver that have proven to be highly effective in eliminating pet ailments, while dramatically increasing their health and activity levels.

So when it comes to great health, to lowering medical and pharmaceutical bills, NutraSilver gets the job done. We even guarantee that you will get the results you desire within 60 days or we will buy the NutraSilver back from you at full price.

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