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Pictures of MRSA Infection

Hey, I know that no one really wants to look at pictures of MRSA, it’s gruesome and difficult to stomach so we only chose a few because most MRSA boils look similar. Yet there are some who need MRSA pictures so that they can better understand what MRSA looks like. I hope these MRSA pictures help you. Don’t look at these while eating food. I did that once.

This is what a typical MRSA abscess looks like

mrsa abscess

MRSA bacteria under a TENS microscope

MRSA microscope

MRSA boils on face like acne

MRSA boils acne

MRSA baby

MRSA baby

MRSA infection rates even higher than expected

In fact, the Chicago scientists say, the new estimate might even be low-balling the disease’s pervasiveness because the database they use — a collection of insurance bills — tends to under-report instances of MRSA if patients were hospitalized for some other ailment. When the researchers went back to correct for the statistical inaccuracy, they discovered that the insurance claims had missed between a third to one-half of actual MRSA cases as recorded by the hospitals’ own records.

At least some of the increase reported in the Chicago paper may simply be due to the fact that we’re now more alert to MRSA than we used to be. Better screening means we’ll find more of what we’re looking for. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that more people in general are becoming carriers for MRSA. Getting infected may not guarantee illness in a specific patient, but it also increases the bacteria’s chances of eventually being spread to someone who will fall ill from an infection. And that’s why understanding the scope of MRSA’s potential — as opposed to measuring only the immediately-consequential cases of MRSA infection — is so important.

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