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Pictures of Lyme Disease

You’ve probably been to the doctor and they have no idea what to do with lyme disease or how to treat it. They’ve probably made you feel guilty for even having it or accused you of being delusional.

You and I both know it’s real.

The Lyme Disease Bulls-Eye Rash (only 30% of Lyme sufferers get the bulls-eye rash)

If you have the bullseye rash you must seek medical help immediately.

lyme bullseye rash

It is imperative that if you remove a tick, you do it properly

tick removal for lyme disease treatment

Is Lyme disease spreading? Absolutely!

lyme cases are real, can you treat it?

If you’ve been self-diagnosed and you know you have lyme disease, you have probably already gone through the antibiotic regime with little or no relief from these horrible symptoms. Your immune system has been reduced due to the effects of the antibiotics you’ve taken so now you need to give your immune system time to heal.

What else is left for you to try?

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