Pictures of E. coli

The stuff is everywhere. You’d be shocked at where you find E. coli. We live with it all around us and typically do fine. But when infected, E. coli is a beast and creates horrible sickness really quickly.

eColi can be life-threatening

eColi has been found in our food all over our food supply but especially in vegetables, beef, pork and chicken. Every year millions of people in North America experience the most common effects of E. coli poisoning… like food poisoning.

Most survive, some do not.

Most of you have heard about eColi making folks very sick or even taking their lives. The FDA is struggling to catch up with needed inspections and enforcement of good produce handling practices and to keep animal fecal matter out of our food supply… I know, that’s gross but it’s exactly where E. coli comes from.

This is what eColi looks like under a microscope

eColi microscope

eColi live naturally in your intestines

eColi intestines

eColi has been found in our beef supply

eColi in beef

eColi is also found in our chicken

eColi chicken

eColi is now found in lettuce

eColi lettuce

Where does eColi effect you?

eColi symptoms

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