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Pet Health with Colloidal Silver

Many people have never considered how powerful colloidal silver can be when properly administered to pets. Nobody wants to see a pet go before it’s their time and colloidal silver goes a long way to keep them healthy and happy longer.

NutraSilver® is a fantastic natural remedy for pets


We all love our pets and want to keep them healthy.  But just by the nature of pets, they travel in different worlds than we do.  They play and romp outside through the bushes and in the dirt. That’s what pets do.  So how do you protect them from ticks and other insect bites? What can you do to insure that your cat or dog is in optimum health? You can give them daily drops of NutraSilver® in their food or water.  NutraSilver®, in FDA-certified in-vitro independent lab tests, demonstrated that it can kill water-borne pathogens and serious infections quickly and safely.

How Does Colloidal Silver Works for your Dogs?

It is thought that NutraSilver® turns off the pathogen’s ability to breath, so it suffocates and dies within a few minutes. Your pet should return to good health within a several days.  You can always use NutraSilver® for your pets by following these suggestions:

What if Your Pet Gets an Eye Problem?

Eye problem are common to most pets and are easily stopped using colloidal silver.  Simply place a small drop of NutraSilver® into your pets upper and lower eyelids and watch the infection heal rapidly.

What Are the Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs?

The symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs differ from those in people, and usually occur much later after the tick bite. Clinical illness in dogs usually occurs 2 to 5 months after a bite from an infected tick. Cats can develop Lyme disease, but it occurs rarely in them, even in endemic areas. Other domestic animals such as horses and bulls have contracted Lyme disease, but it does not appear to be a significant problem. Dogs show several different forms of the disease, but by far, the most common symptoms are a fever of between 103 and 105°, lameness, swelling in the joints, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs

puppy and kittenDepending upon the weight of your dog, we offer the following suggestions:

  • 2 – 20 pounds: 3 drops at every feeding
  • 20 – 40 pounds: 5 drops at every feeding
  • 40 – 70 pounds: 6 drops at every feeding
  • Over 70 pounds: 7 drops at every feeding

It is best to place the drops directly on their food.

Colloidal Silver for Cats

kittens playingDepending upon the weight of your cat, we offer the following suggestions for general health:


  • 2 – 10 pounds: 3 drops at every feeding
  • 11 – 15 pounds: 5 drops at every feeding
  • 16 – 40 pounds: 7 drops at every feeding



It is best to place the drops directly on their food.

Do You Have a Testimonial About Your Pet?

Why not share it with us and others?  We will keep your identity confidential and you can easily write up your testimonial by clicking here. We would love to hear your success stories using NutraSilver®.

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