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Morgellons Symptoms Defined

worried about morgellons disease

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Before we get started digging in to Morgellons symptoms and what to do about them, it’s important to realize that your visit to this page is no small thing.

We honor and applaud you for your courage and strength in battling through your symptoms and never giving up.

Your path to get here today has been difficult. You may have been suffering from the devastating effects of morgellons symptoms for months or even years.

You don’t need me to remind you of the struggles you’ve been through. I wish you could know how much we care that you get your life back and are able to put this nightmare behind you so you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The thousands of Morgellons sufferers that we’ve treated over the last six years continue to report that their symptoms consume their lives. They can’t think of anything else. It invades every aspect of their lives like a thief, destroying everything they care about…

That’s why I’m so glad you’re here, because we’re here to help. Nobody in the world has successfully treated more Morgellons suffered than we have. Please call us if you feel inclined and don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. We would love to talk to you and help you see that your nightmare will be over soon.

What This Page is All About… (it’s not just about symptoms)

A goal of this page is to give you answers using a quick self-diagnosis (you don’t need doctors, they won’t help you) and to provide some clarity on what’s happening to you. But even more than that it is to help you realize that the days of these symptoms are numbered.

You deserve to live the healthy and energetic life you once had… and you can, in just a few short weeks with the help of NutraSilver

Now, about the symptoms…

Visitors to this page, whether you’re browsing this page for yourself or a loved one, fit into three separate groups.

Which of the following groups do you relate with the most?

Group 1 You already know you have Morgellons.

NEXT STEPS: If this is you, accept right now that your search is over. Let go of Morgellons, let NutraSilver do it’s job and allow the nightmare pass. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Go directly to the Morgellons treatment page or call us and learn how to get healed in just a few weeks.

Group 2 You’ve just heard about Morgellons and you might have it.

NEXT STEPS: Take the 2-Minute Diagnosis on this page. If it’s clear you have Morgellons, don’t let it steal your life any more than it has. Follow the protocol we outline and let NutraSilver do its job.

Group 3 You’re looking for an explanation of your symptoms.

NEXT STEPS: Complete the Morgellons 2-Minute Diagnosis. When you’re done, you’ll know clearly whether or not you have Morgellons and you’ll be happy to know that NutraSilver will help you avoid the years of struggle others have gone through. Jump over to the Morgellons remedy page and learn how to get rid of your symptoms for good.

No matter which group you relate with, there are two powerful similarities that everyone shares who struggles with Morgellons.

  • You want your symptoms GONE!!! No matter what your symptoms are or how long you’ve had them. They’re hijacking your life and stealing your dreams.
  • All Morgellons sufferers are self-diagnosed, meaning they have to find out if they have Morgellons by themselves.

About that second similarity:

All Morgellons Sufferers are Self-diagnosed

Since the CDC published their ‘findings’ on Morgellons disease in January 2012 and proclaimed Morgellons to be delusional parasitosis and not a physical ailment or recognizable disease, every Morgellons sufferer is medically on their own to diagnose and treat their symptoms.

Though that may sound grim, it’s actually to your benefit. Your natural Morgellons treatment with NutraSilver is cheaper, faster, healthier and more effective than any prescription your doctor would give you.. and you won’t have the specialist’s medical bills or the side-effects of prescription drugs either.

After speaking with 8,000+ Morgellons sufferers the vast majority of them have been to dermatologists and specialists of all kinds and not one of those people ever said that the doctor helped them. In fact, this is a rare case where doctors cause more harm than good… financially, emotionally, and physically.

Trust yourself to do this…

The 2 Critical Questions You MUST Have Answered

Every Morgellons sufferer has a story. I’ve heard thousands of them and they’ve almost all been heart breaking, without exception. Every story came down to the need to answer just two questions.

  1. Do I have Morgellons? [ We'll answer that here ]
  2. How do I get rid of it? [ Click here for treatment info ]

Let’s tackle the first question on this page using a simple way to know whether you have Morgellons or not. There are a few tell-tale signs that are dead giveaways.

“Do I have Morgellons?”

confused Morgellons sufferer

Use the diagnoses below..
Do you have Morgellons?
Get treatment with NutraSilver

There’s no question that there are untold thousands of people who suffer with these symptoms and have no idea that it is Morgellons so they can’t treat it. Just knowing that you have Morgellons is a huge help, because then you can fix it.

When Morgellons sufferers call us, most often they will ask us to help them to determine if they have Morgellons disease or not.

We almost always take them through the same set of questions that helps them identify if they do in fact have Morgellons. Here it is:

The Morgellons “2 Minute Self-Diagnosis”

If any two of these things is true for you, it’s likely you have Morgellons disease.

  • Do you have dark or black specks in your bed sheets or on your body when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you feel a crawling, biting or scratching sensation or a movement under your skin anywhere on your body?
  • Do you have odd fibers growing from your skin that are clearly not your normal body hair?
  • Do you have chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression or mood swings?

NOTE: Another common symptom is lesions or open sores that never heal. Though only 35% of people with Morgellons experience lesions, this is another dead giveaway.

Now that you know whether or not you have Morgellons, click here to get rid of it.

I hope that helps. This simple diagnosis has moved thousands of people along in their heroic journey to becoming free from this disease. If you’re wondering how this has all worked out for people, some customers were kind enough to tell us their stories. You can find plenty of success stories here.

You might realize that the 2-minute diagnosis doesn’t cover all the symptoms you might be experiencing… and you’d be right.

Morgellons becomes a systemic disease that effects so many systems in the body. Once it’s gone, you’ll realize just how much of a master and slave situation it was.

The Morgellons Research Foundation came up with a comprehensive list that gives us an idea of how expansive the symptoms can be. Since the foundation is no longer operational, we decided to include the list here. It’s so long we didn’t want to overwhelm you so if you’re interested in seeing that list click the link below…

NutraSilver bottle

There is a Safe and Guaranteed Way Out of the Pain and Embarrassment

Over the last seven years, we have had thousands of Morgellons sufferers eliminate their symptoms and we can help you. The success rate of those that follow the instructions is comforting. You will be healed. You need the “Morgellons 8-pack” to get this infection pushed out of you from the inside.

Get yourself our Morgellons package of eight bottles (this is sufficient to eliminate most if not all of your symptoms) and follow the instructions precisely. If you do this, we guarantee that you will eliminate your Morgellons symptoms or buy back your NutraSilver from you. This first four weeks will cost approximately $6.00 a day. Once most if not all of your symptoms are gone, we ask you to dramatically reduce how much NutraSilver you take to what’s known as a maintenance level. This will cost you about $.40 a day. Your search is over.

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