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What is Morgellons Syndrome?

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Quick Summary
    • Nobody knows for sure what Morgellons is or where it came from.
    • Our focus is to get you healed.

You need the “Morgellons 8-pack” to get this pushed out of you from the inside.

  • What we know for sure:
    • Morgellons is very real.
    • Morgellons is a new condition.
    • Morgellons is NOT contagious.
    • Morgellons is very controversial.
    • Morgellons is a worldwide epidemic.
    • Morgellons is ALWAYS self-diagnosed.
    • Morgellons is easily remedied with NutraSilver.
    • You need the NutraSilver “Morgellons 8-pack”
  • Your next steps:
  • Our promise: follow the NutraSilver protocol and your symptoms will go away or we’ll give you every penny back. You have NO risk.

That, my friend, is a great question… it might even be a trick question. Is Morgellons a disorder? Is it a syndrome? Is it psychological? Is there a Morgellons epidemic?

CDC Morgellons Conclusion

“This unexplained dermopathy was rare among this population of Northern California residents, but associated with significantly reduced health-related quality of life. No common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation.”

So, the CDC concluded that Morgellons is NOT a disease or medical condition.

Before we get to what we know for sure, let’s talk about what we don’t know…

Nobody knows for sure what Morgellons is or where it came from or what causes it. Talented people from across the globe have been working to figure this syndrome out for years and we’ve been on top of every word that has been published over the last 8 years.

If you have Morgellons, I’m afraid I can’t give you answers about who, why, what or where without them being purely my opinion.

I know that doesn’t provide you much comfort because you’re probably searching for some answers as to why and how this happened. But what I can promise you is that we have the answers that matter, so stick with me.

If you or a loved one has Morgellons, all that really matters is to put this syndrome behind you so you don’t have to think about it any more.

The Captivating and Consuming Details

Morgellons is truly one of the most intriguing and devastating medical mysteries that modern history has ever known. So we can understand your curiosity and your frustration, we’re right there with you.

Ever since you heard the word “Morgellons” it’s been on your mind like a bad dream. You can’t shake it. It consumes your thoughts. Especially since the first time you Googled it and started reading about controversy, coverups, conspiracy and all kinds of things that you should only be reading from a Sci-Fi novel.

This probably isn’t the first website you’ve read about Morgellons, but if it is, please let it be the last. All you need to know to get your life back is here.

I beg of you: put all your focus on being healed and putting this behind you and stop the researching. That will only lead to heart ache and despair.

Here at NutraSilver, we have a singular focus: Let’s get you healed.

We understand that some education is necessary to make the healing happen, and that’s what we aim to do on this site.

Alright, let’s talk about what we know so we can get on to the healing part.

Here’s What We Know For Sure

Morgellons syndrome or Morgellons disorder is the name given to an inconsistent set of symptoms. That said, there are several tell-tale symptoms that are most common. You may have just a couple of these symptoms or all of them:

  • Little black specks in your skin, scalp, shower floor or bed sheets.
  • Itching, crawling, biting, or stinging sensations under the skin, especially the scalp.
  • Skin lesions, bumps, or boils that are slow to heal or don’t heal at all.
  • Odd thick or cotton-like fibers that grow underneath or out of the skin.
  • Severe fatigue and cognitive issues like brain fog, lack of focus, etc.

After talking with 1000s of Morgellons victims, we have a pretty clear picture of these Morgellons symptoms and can help you determine if you have it or not.

But more importantly, we know how to get rid of them with the only known effective remedy. The remedy doesn’t just make you feel better temporarily, it actually eliminates your symptoms.

Morgellons is real.

You’re not delusional. You’re not crazy. Your story is real. Your symptoms are real. Though this isn’t a new bottlenightmare that you can just wake up from (it’ll take a few weeks with NutraSilver to do that) if you take what we say seriously, your Morgellons symptoms will go away and you will get your life back, no matter how long you’ve been suffering with it.

Morgellons is new.

Morgellons has only been in the spotlight since 2002. If you’re curious about how Morgellons showed up on the radar, read a quick history of Morgellons.

Research is anything but conclusive. It’s all over the board. There is no regulatory body of any kind that is pursuing a standardization of morgellons symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

But there are some brave professionals, like Dr. Randy Wymore, who are literally putting their careers and reputation at stake to seek the answers we all want to know and are uncovering more scientific data as we speak… but it never comes as fast as we want, does it?

Answers will come though, and when they do we hope that they won’t matter that much to you because you’ll be healed already and the effects of Morgellons will no longer be holding your life hostage.

Morgellons is NOT Contagious.

Go kiss and hug your loved ones.
You’re not contagious!
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Perhaps this is the single most important piece of information I can give you that is 100% verifiable fact. Morgellons is NOT contagious.

One good thing the CDC has offered the Morgellons community is to say that there is no evidence that it is contagious. And we agree. The CDC said “There was no evidence that this is a contagious illness. The skin lesions were not caused by any known infection, as shown by negative results from the large number of skin, blood, and culture tests performed. When viewed under a microscope, the lesions did not show evidence typical of a primary infection.”

What about any follow-up studies?

“CDC is not planning any further studies or activities related to this unexplained condition. This was the largest and most comprehensive study to date, and no common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified. The study findings do offer useful information and insights, including ruling out an infectious cause of this condition. In the absence of an established cause or treatment, patients with this unexplained condition may benefit from treatment for co-existing medical conditions and/or those recommended for similar conditions such as delusional infestation.” Do they think you are nuts?

Is Anyone Doing Real Scientific Research into Morgellons?

The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Research Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization seems to be the only real accepted research by the scientific community into Morgellons syndrome. NutraSilver supports their research financially and encourage you to do the same. We attended the 2014 conference in Austin, Texas and spoke with many researchers. They are zeroing-in on the connection between Lyme and Morgellons in that they discovered that both seem to share the same DNA markers and co-infections.

I can’t tell you how many homes have been devastated by Morgellons because the person suffering from it quarantines themselves in the back room, or worse, moves out so that their family isn’t infected.

They do it because they love their family and don’t want them to experience this syndrome for themselves.

That is heart breaking. Please, if that is you, go hug your children and your family and tell them how much you missed them. You don’t need to be alone anymore. You can’t give Morgellons to anyone.

You can’t infect your children, your spouse or your grandchildren or those you love. You can sleep in the same bed with your spouse and love on your children just like you used to without any worry of passing it on to them.

The CDC has even said that this condition is not contagious. We’ve never seen it spread from one person to the other and we’ve dealt with more cases than anyone else in the world.

The only two exceptions are that pets and unborn children are susceptible to the syndrome. In both cases, each can be remedied using NutraSilver. If a child has Morgellons, please call us for special instructions.

Morgellons is controversial.

Most people get caught up in the controversy because as human beings, we need answers. We crave to know why. As hard as it is for me to say this, I want you to know one thing: No matter who done it, know matter why they done it… it is what it is. So let it be.

Don’t lose sight of what matters. The who and why of all this is a never ending wild goose chase that really has nothing do with what matters most, which is getting you healed.

No matter what you hear online about conspiracies, coverups, nanobots, chemtrails or anything else. None of that matters.

It’s so easy to do a Google search and find epic tales of conspiracy, coverups and nanotechnology. It was like it came straight out of a Sci-Fi novel and you were caught up in this horrible nightmare and forced to live it, like it or not.

What you won’t find on this site is any focus on that stuff. We focus on eliminating your symptoms, which is the only thing you really care about.

Healing is the only thing that matters.

Once this nightmare is behind you, you’ll be surprised about how little all that Sci-Fi stuff matters. You’ll be able to return to your normal life, the one that seems too distant in the past that you can’t remember what it was like to live without the lesions, the pain, the brain fog, the crawling and the lack of sleep.

I’m sorry for your struggles. I really am. I’ve made it my mission in life to relieve your suffering. In doing so, I’ve heard just about everything you can possible imagine and you know what?

None of it matters.

The only thing that matters is that you get your life back and put this syndrome behind you so you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Morgellons is a worldwide epidemic.

I call it a Morgellons epidemic though we really don’t have enough data to prove it. That’s not because there aren’t millions of people worldwide suffering from this plague, but because there’s no official lab test, protocol or tracking mechanism to document the cases.

Apparently, the CDC has received more inquiries about Morgellons than any other syndrome, disorder, syndrome or condition in its history. That’s evidence that there’s more than just a few isolated cases here and there.

I will tell you this. Almost half of the clients we help are outside of the United States. We’ve successfully helped people in many different countries.

There is nothing localized about Morgellons. Thousands, maybe millions of people suffer from this epidemic worldwide and the majority of them have no idea what they’re suffering with and nowhere to turn for help. It’s heart breaking to think about.

Morgellons is always self-diagnosed.

Because the CDC ruled that Morgellons is not a disease, medical professionals are left with a professional inability to treat you. They can’t treat you. The only thing left for you to do is to take a look at your symptoms and diagnose yourself. We’ll show you how to do that in two minutes on our symptoms page.

Medical science is way behind on this one and sadly, they may never catch up. That is a reality we all have to deal with.

The full effect of Morgellons on the body is not known though the Morgellons Research Foundation identified 93 Morgellons symptoms that showed up with regularity across hundreds of test subjects.

The list, which you can find on our Morgellons symptoms page, includes a myriad of other symptoms in addition to the external skin condition which include horrible cognitive issues that affect every part of your life. You can read about those on the Morgellons symptoms page.

The problem with diagnosing Morgellons is that the symptoms are so varied and inconsistent that there is no differential diagnosis for it. For example, only 35% of sufferers include open lesions as part of their set of symptoms, while most people suffer with internal symptoms for years without ever knowing they could have Morgellons.

What that means is the remedy for Morgellons could potentially vary based on a difference in symptoms. That’s where NutraSilver comes in…

Morgellons can be remedied.

happy older people who conquered morgellons

Please do not make this mistake; buying 3 bottles and concluding that NutraSilver does not work for Morgellons; it does work, really. Three bottles is not enough to eliminate your symptoms. You must get at least 8 bottles to be successful. The first week or two, you will experience MORE activity and that is exactly what SHOULD HAPPEN! We are pushing this infection out of your body from the inside and things MUST exit for this to occur. Be patient; most of your symptoms should be gone in 4 or 5 weeks.

Despite what you’ve heard and the money you’ve already spent on things that haven’t worked, Morgellons is treatable. You need the “Morgellons 8-pack” to get this infection pushed out of you from the inside.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one simple Morgellons remedy that works for everyone despite their set of symptoms? We thought so too. That’s why NutraSilver exists today, it’s the only remedy that works for everyone, guaranteed.

It takes 5 – 6 weeks before most all of your symptoms are alleviated, but the most drastic improvement comes within the first week or so…

Your energy improves. Your clarity of thought returns. Your personality starts to come out again. You sleep better… You feel like yourself again.

And then the rest of your symptoms start to subside. Your lesions heal and don’t come back. The itching and crawling goes away and you’re left at peace again.

“I would like to express my gratitude and sincere respect we have for NutraSilver.

My nightmare started 5 years ago when we went out to dinner and I ordered a salmon dinner.

It wasn’t a sushi grade salmon, and it had parasites. I went from a very healthy and vibrant woman to a person who was underweight, dysfunctional, couldn’t walk, talk, or think. Getting a good nights rest was possible only with sleep aids. Exhaustion crept into our lives. A good friend e-mailed me about NutraSilver. Thankful and grateful! Yes we are, very much so. Thank you so very much. Life is great again. I truly did not think I would have a healthy and active future. I have done a boot camp. I am working on regaining the muscle I lost and even more than the physical healing, I have regained my ability to think and retain. So, whom ever is reading this there is life after Morgellons.”


Ann Marie

Please take a moment and watch this video of how Connie, a 10 year Morgellons sufferer, rid herself of Morgellons and is still symptoms-free after 8 years!

What You Must Do Now

If you suspect that you might have Morgellons, please listen carefully… I’ve been on the phone with over 9,000 different Morgellons sufferers from all over the world that have been to see medical professionals of some kind and you know what?

Not one of those people ever said “I went to the doctor for Morgellons and they helped me.” Not one.

You will find no help in the medical community. Medical professionals, whether they want to or not, have been forced to literally abandoned Morgellons sufferers. It’s a hard reality to swallow. If you’ve been to see a doctor you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not pretty.

You are NOT delusional. You haven’t been scratching yourself to death. Your symptoms are real. And here’s what you must do next:

1) You MUST self diagnose.

Visit our symptoms page. If you find that the list there describe your symptoms accurately, then it is likely you have Morgellons. It’s that simple.

2) You MUST keep faith that you’ll get your life back.

Please don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. You are so close to being free from this nightmare. We want you to be healed. We want you to get your life back.

You may have been living with this syndrome for years, but the end of your suffering is near.

3) You MUST get HEALED.

Visit our Morgellons remedy page to see how the 6-week cleanse works and follow it exactly.

NutraSilver is the only known effective remedy for Morgellons. It’s the only remedy you’ll need. No contraptions. No Borax. No creams or lotions. None of that.

End the nightmare. Pull your head out of the controversy and make a vow, right now, to join the 1000s who are free from this syndrome and claim your life again.

Don’t take our word for it… Read some Morgellons testimonials and success stories straight from some of our heroes who did exactly what we’re asking you to do.


“There are no words to ever express just how grateful I am for the fact you [NutraSilver] have saved my life.”

I was in fact dieing ..but at the point and condition I was suffering I actually prayed that God would take me quickly …..”
And then my brother found you as he researched my condition. Which again was another grace from God…..”

This has been so emotionally traumatic on me and my family. No family support; they are all in fear of being around me.
I don’t know how I got this and they don’t either. So they fear I could give it to them. So I have literally lived isolated and alone.

I’m terrified of it living inside of me. Yet I am so afraid of them as well…..

I can never ever tell you what your help has done for me. Thank you seems so small compared to what it has meant to my life.
But It must be said: may God bless you [NutraSilver]”


A Bold Promise

If you follow the protocol we give you exactly as it is described, you will be healed, we guarantee it.

Morgellons lesions

All you need is NutraSilver. Click here to get started.

How To Get Morgellons Out of Your Home

Many customer ask how to do this. While we have no formal relationship with them, our customers often tell us about CedarCide. They sell an aerosol that apparently kills off the Morgellons throughout your home.

Since CedarCide offers so many products, it is best to call them (800) 842-1464, tell them NutraSilver sent you and you are dealing with Morgellons. That way you will get the correct product. You can also visit their website here; CedarCide Store

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