Labs Show NutraSilver Kills E. coli Fast

We all know someone who has experienced food poisoning, right? Some folks just wait until it passes and endure the vomiting and diarrhea. There is no need to endure food poisoning; just get some NutraSilver and watch your symptoms fade away, usually in an hour or two.

So, just to show you that NutraSilver really works, below is an FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab test that shows conclusively that NutraSilver will do the job for you. If you have questions, give us a shout at 1-888-240-2326 PST and we will be delighted to help you. OK?

NOTE: Facts about the lab tests themselves

All lab tests were paid for by NutraSilver and none of them were submitted to the FDA for approval. The reference to ‘FDA-certified’ means the LABS are certified, NOT the actual tests. In-vitro studies are not indicative of the results from human ingestion (in-vivo) studies or formal clinical trials.

eColi found in chicken

eColi, Salmonella and Shingela are some of the most deadly pathogens in the world. NutraSilver® demonstrated amazing in-vitro  “time-kill rates” as demonstrated by these test results from MicroCheck, an FDA/ISO certified laboratory.

Click here to download the lab report

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