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Treating the Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Throat

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Do You Know Anyone Who Gets Eye, Ear, Sinus or Throat Infections?

It seems like most people are susceptible to eye, ear and sinus infections. Many of these infections are recurring and terribly annoying. Too often, when we go to the doctor’s office, we are given antibiotics which seem to help but actually kill ‘good bacteria’ located in the large bowel. These ‘good bacteria’, when in balance, actually make up 80% our our immune system. So, when we have an infection, it appears to be the very best time to have a solid and healthy immune system, yet the antibiotics kill the ‘good bacteria’ and we are left with a reduced immune system. So how do we combat eye, ear and sinus infection safely and effectively?

We have conducted many FDA-certified lab tests that demonstrate amazing ‘kill-rates’ of the most harmful bacteria known including MRSA. Many of our customers prefer to use NutraSilver®, a natural mineral, to eliminate these infections. The following are ideas and suggestion from customers about how they used NutraSilver® and got the relief they needed very quickly and very inexpensively.

Ear Infection

Ear infections can be very serious; be sure to get medical help if needed. Our NutraSilver® customers have told use that they place one drop in each ear and allow it to remain there for about a minute. Then they catch the excess (be sure to have a tissue to catch the excess as it will stain) with a tissue and within an hour or less there ear infection is gone. Again, this costs about 1 cent and the pain is gone!

Sore Throats and Other Infections

A sore throat can be terribly annoying, especially if there is a severe cough associated with it. Most soar throats occur due to a bacterial infection that could be Strep throat. You should go and see your doctor.

Many Nutrasilver® customers have told us that they will place 5 drops of NutraSilver® in a glass along with a very small amount of non-tap water. Now, this may sound funny, but we are told that they gargle for a full minute; a seemingly very long time. Was it worth it? Yes! They told us that their sore throat was gone in less than an hour. What did this cost? About 2 cents.

Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are the worst. They relentlessly cause pain, congestion and sometime headaches… and you just can’t get any rest because you wake yourself up at night with that nasty post-nasal drip choking you to death. I hate it and so do you. Sinus infections can be serious, so please see your doctor.

Many NutraSilver customers have told us how they got rid of their sinus infections quickly, even after antibiotics failed to do so. Here is what they told us:

  • Lay on your back on a bed with your head tilted back over the side as far as it will go.
  • Place 5 drops in each nostril.
  • Stay there for 15 minutes while the Nutrasilver drains all the way to the back of the sinus.
  • Get up and blow your nose
  • Breath normally again

Eye Infection

pink eyeEye infections can be very serious and you should probably see and eye doctor as soon as you can. Our NutraSilver® customers have told us that one undiluted drop, placed directly in each eye (be sure to have a tissue to catch the excess as it will stain) will eliminate eye infections quickly. The part they love the most: it only cost them 1 cent!

This approach seems to work with only one or two applications and the sinus infection is gone. What was their cost? About 6 cents.

We just love it when our NutraSilver customers share their success stories with us. Perhaps you will too.

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