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Colloidal Silver for Family Health is a Great Idea

family health

Would having a secret weapon in the cabinet give you peace of mind that when your family needs help, you’ll have the answer? NutraSilver is like a secret weapon. It doesn’t fix or treat everything but the breadth of what it does do will shock you… because it does it better than anything else.

“I am a Chiropractor and now want to start to make this amazing product available to my patients…

Thanks, I think EVERY household in the world should have a bottle of this! That’s not an exaggeration!”


NutraSilver Helps Keep You and Your Family Healthy

Nearly a third of our customers tell us they use colloidal silver to maintain their general health. We think this very wise.

My experience with colloidal silver:

“We also make colloidal silver at home, but we really like NutraSilver for it’s potency and it is so easy to carry around and use anywhere!

But I have used it two times in emergency situations and it was literally a life saver. One time was when I was breastfeeding a newborn and I had a terrible stomach upset, I was vomiting every 5 minutes for almost 12 hrs to the point where I was dry heaving. We went to the hospital, but being in Canada, we waited for over 5 hours and I was getting worse: pretty well completely dehydrated and my milk had dried out so now I also had a very distraught baby.

Then my husband reminded me of colloidal silver, so we went home and I mixed in a lot (at least 1/4 of a bottle) into a gallon of water and drank that over an hour. That was the only liquid I was able to hold down. Previous to that I was vomiting up everything, including water and electrolyte liquid we got from the pharmacy.

After that hour I was pretty well back to normal, I stopped vomiting and my milk came back soon after that.

Colloidal silver is truly an amazing product that can be used for so many ailments!


NutraSilver Supports Your Children’s Immune System

The problem is that kids go to school and they come home cranky and happy kidsshare it with the whole family. Then, just about the time that they begin to heal, the kids bring home another complaint and it goes on from there.  Our customers who take colloidal silver have told us that this cycle has been broken and that they are for the most part healthy now.

We think this to be a great way to ensure that you remain healthy. If you are an adult in reasonably good health, then 10 drops, 3 times a day should be sufficient.  If you do begin to feel like something is coming on, increase to 30 drops (or more) 3 times a day and you will be amazed at how fast you heal or, you may not become ill at all!

What else are customers using colloidal silver for?

Occasional Scratchy Throat

sore throatAnother woman reported that her daughter had an occasional scratchy throat, so she put 5 drops of colloidal silver in a glass and added a little filtered water and had her daughter gargle for at least a minute and then swallow. She reported that “her daughter’s scratchy throat went away in a little more than an hour.” This may not happen for everyone and may not be typical.

Discolored Toes

Here is a hard one: discoloration under a toe or fingernail. A customer told us how without breaking the skin, she stretched her nail back and placed one drop of colloidal silver under the affected nail. She repeated this for several weeks each day and watched the discoloration disappear as the normal healthy color returned.


Anyone who gets cuts will love this one: a colloidal silver customer reported that when she cut her finger, she rinsed it under cold water and washed it with soap. When her finger was dry, she placed one or two drops of colloidal silver directly on her cut. She also put 2 drops of colloidal silver on a bandage and covered her wound. She said“in 5 days her cut had healed and the best part; there was no scare”! Now she happily uses NutraSilver® on her children when they get cuts and scrapes too.

Pet Care

love my petCats and dogs seem to thrive on colloidal silver. Many people report that their pets are more energetic and alert. Some animals, just like humans, need to eliminate the pathogens in their body, so be aware of this and be prepared. Most cats and dogs show a more shinny coat, their activity level increases (this could be good or bad) and their general health improves. Your pets will just LOVE you for giving them colloidal silver.

Household Plants

One lady told us of her house plants being infected with mold and flying insects. She sprayed them every day for a couple of weeks and reported that her plants not only healed but thrived and grew faster (she does not miss the flying insects either).

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