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Colloidal Silver

Humans have been using some form of the colloidal silver for arguably 3,000 years. Since it was the only readily available form of anti-microbial back then, it was use pervasively and almost exclusively throughout the ages. Physicians of the past have used colloidal silver for virtually every ailment imaginable both internally and externally on the skin.

As scientific understanding progressed, silver compounds and colloids were developed and became widely used medicinally to treat all sorts of infectious diseases. In fact, by 1940, there were roughly four dozen different silver compound products on the market to treat every known infectious disease, available orally, topically, or by injection. It was generally recognized not only as safe when properly prepared, but tremendously effective.

These physicians soon discovered that colloidal silver has amazing antimicrobial properties. Down through the ages, these physicians used colloidal silver on bacterial, viral and fungal infections with great success. Back in those days, they did not know, nor did they understand how or why colloidal silver was so effective, they just knew that it was. You might remember the phrase ‘bluebloods’; these were wealthy people who ate off of silver utensils. You may have also heard the expression ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’; again a reference to wealthy people who used silver to avoid ailments such as the bubonic plague.

Wind the clock forward to today and you’ll see that colloidal silver, while underused since 1938 when Fleming discovered antibiotics, is making a tremendous comeback. Folks who are fed up with the horrible side effects of antibiotics (mycotoxins) and are switching over to colloidal silver in droves. It is estimated that more than 10 million Americans use colloidal silver every single day. If you do the math, that works out to be somewhere around one in every 30 people. This of course includes adults, children, and infants and of course pets.

Independent lab tests provide proof

A 1988 laboratory test at the UCLA School of Medicine verified that bacteria, viruses, and fungal organisms are killed within minutes of being exposed to colloidal silver solutions. Dr. Robert Becker of Syracuse University also noted that in a study conducted at his school all the organisms tested were eliminated by the silver, including ones that were resistant to known antibiotics.

Responsible, forward thinking people realize that colloidal silver is not only a very suitable anti-microbial alternativenew bottle, they take colloidal silver on a daily basis to prevent common ailments like colds and flu’s. Case in point; consuming very small quantities of colloidal silver daily has demonstrated that it will provide assurances that they will have many fewer ailments throughout their lifetime. They use colloidal silver for their families with great confidence since they are aware that colloidal silver has no toxicity whatsoever.

Properly-prepared silver remedies have no known negative side effects and do not harm the good intestinal bacteria that are otherwise destroyed by conventional antibiotics when treating bacterial infections. It is precisely because silver cannot be patented that it has been mostly shrouded by the mainstream healthcare system. If it cannot be patented, it cannot make money and is thus a threat to the pharmaceutical monopoly on healthcare. While their antibiotics attempt to attack a few very specific strains of bacteria, constantly-mutating super bugs develop a resistance to this form of treatment (eg MRSA). Contrarily, it is believed that silver attacks the bacterial oxygen source making even mutated forms defenseless against silver’s powerful defense abilities.

As our economy continues to bottom out, smart families are recognizing that they can save huge amounts of money by switching over to colloidal silver as a health-shield.

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