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Natural Cleanse with Colloidal Silver

Many customers have asked us over the years about how to take NutraSilver for different kinds of ailments. Well, almost always, the answer is really similar and it revolves around what we call a NutraSilver Cleanse.

This cleanse is used to clean the body of single-celled toxins: bacteria, virus, fungus and the like. The result is a spike in health and a huge boost to the immune system.

Here is the protocol:

Official NutraSilver® Natural Cleanse Protocol

Protocol Guidelines [MUST READ]

Before we get started, read these critical guidelines that you must follow.

  • The cleanse is designed to promote rapid healing and cleansing of the body in order to boost the immune system. You’ll be investing about $5 per day during the cleanse.
  • Drink lots of water. It is CRITICAL that you drink a huge amount of non-tap water during your cleanse in order to assist your body in flushing out all the toxins that are created after the NutraSilver cleans house. This almost always means more water than you are currently drinking. If you are a normal size adult, shoot for at least two liters per day and work toward more if you can.
  • When to take your doses. It is best to take NutraSilver immediately after you wake (15 – 20 minutes before you eat breakfast), just before or after lunch, and right before you go to bed (well after you’ve eaten).
  • What water to use with NutraSilver. When it’s time to take NutraSilver, use the dropper bottle to combine the appropriate amount of drops (see below) to filtered or distilled water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER! We also recommend not using mineral water with your NutraSilver doses although it’s okay to erin otherwise.
  • Eat healthy. This goes without saying but we care enough to say it: Avoid processed foods. Eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and protein. 15 minutes of exercise is also very helpful.
  • Monitor how you feel. Pay attention to how you feel each day so you can decide how many drops works best for you. If you feel like you’re getting a bad case of the flu within the first few days of taking NutraSilver that is known as a “healing crisis” or a “herx”, it’s a temporary and common reaction to the cleansing that is happening in your body. Don’t be alarmed. If that happens, back off 10 drops until it passes, usually within a half day or so, and then resume the cleanse protocol.
  • Simple safety. As a simple precaution, during your cleansing phase of your remedy, try to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning beds as much as you can. Wear protective clothing and use sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) when you are outdoors.
  • NOTE: The following remedy is for an average size adult. Remedies for children and pets is different. Give us a call so that we can help you find the appropriate dosage for your situation.

Your Step by Step NutraSilver Natural Cleanse

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NutraSilver® 30 mL dropper bottle
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  1. Cleanse Day 1: For your first dosage, using the dropper bottle, place 30 drops of NutraSilver® in a glass and add any amount of filtered or distilled water, then drink. DO NOT USE TAP WATER! Do this 3 times on the first day: in the morning, at lunch and at bedtime. If no reaction is noticed by the following morning, then continue on to the next step.
  2. Cleanse Day 2: Repeat the same steps by taking NutraSilver three times, but increase to 40 drops instead of 30. If no reaction is noticed by the following morning, then continue on to the next step.
  3. Cleanse Day 3: Increase the dosage again. Take NutraSilver 3 times, morning, midday and evening, at a dosage of 50 drops instead of 40. If no reaction is noticed by the following morning, then continue on to the next step.
  4. Cleanse Day 4: Finally, increase the dosage to 60 drops and take three times morning, midday and evening, just as before.
  5. Cleanse Days 5 and Beyond: You should now decide which number of drops feels RIGHT FOR YOU. Do not cheat yourself of healing and let your financial situation make this decision for you; use your intuition. This can be anywhere between 20 – 60 drops 3 times a day (for an adult). Stay at the dosage level until you’re comfortable with the results or your symptoms have disappeared. This phase can last several days to several weeks, it’s up to you.
  6. Optional Maintenance Phase: Once you are through the cleanse and/or symptoms have subsided (that timeframe is a little different for each person), you will dramatically decrease the amount of NutraSilver you take to a simple maintenance dose, usually 5 – 10 drops TWICE a day. This will maintain good immune health.
  7. If you have questions or concerns, please call us immediately so we can assist you; (888) 240-2326 option #2

NOTE: You have nothing to lose but your health struggles and your whole life to gain. Our 60-day guarantee covers your entire cleanse period up to 60 days. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll reimburse you for what you’ve used and we’ll buy back what’s left.


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