Pictures of Candida, Candida Albicans and Candida Overgrowth

Candida is seriously not fun, we know because we have spoken with thousands of Candida sufferers during the past six years. Although quite common, we know how horrible you feel and we want you to feel like yourself again, and do it right now.

Watch those yeast infection pictures: It’s crazy to continue to suffer when you can get rid of your Candida simply and safely, once and for all.

Candida is one of the hardest aliments for doctors to diagnosis because the symptoms are all over the place and are often misdiagnosed because they’re so similar to other ailments. Candida is literally a mess for health problems. It causes so many symptoms, as you’ll see on the Candida symptoms page we created for you.

What does Candida look like under a microscope?

candida yeast infection

Candida does not often expose itself with obvious skin lesions. Occasionally, Candida will present as a rash as seen below.

candida underarm

There are times when Candida will also show up as Athletes foot

athletes foot

Thrush is also Candida expressed as white nodules or coating on the tongue


The Candida sufferer will experience general malaise feels such as brain fog, confusion and headaches