Your Candida Questions Answered

Your Candida Questions Answered

candida freeHey, thanks for visiting with us today! For the last seven years we have been listening to folks like you ask great questions about Candida and we have done our best to share them with you. If you have any additional questions not listed here, we encourage you to pick up your phone and call our toll-free number, we’re here to help, no purchase necessary. Call 1-888-240-2326 during normal business hours PST and be sure to leave a message.

The author of “The Yeast Connection” advocates the use of Nystatin as a way to control candida in the body. Is that true?

Many people bought this book and came to realize that the recommended treatment for candida does not work. Here’s why: Nystatin is very toxic to the person taking it and it changes candida into an armored spore state. After you stop taking Nystatin, the next day all of the candida symptoms come back intensively. This is due to the Candida coming out of its dormant armored spore form, and it replicates itself quite rapidly. Also, people taking Nystatin develop a saturated liver from the chemical toxins from the Nystatin, and also an influx of toxins given off by the Candida in its elevated and aggressive state.

Can I just starve candida and beat it that way?

Articles on the Internet recommend very strict diets to eliminate foods that feed the fungi. What that results in is something like this: “I feel pretty good while I’m starving the Candida, but I’m not able to eat hardly anything. When I go back to eating ‘normal’ foods again to regain my energy and weight, all of my Candida symptoms come back the next day.”

So that begs another question: Is there a way to keep the fungi in control and yet eat enough healthy foods to maintain some physical strength and well-being?” Yes there is.

The harsh reality here is that some of the popular candida diets not only starve the candida, but they also starve you. Research reveals that many of those diets are not effective in lowering Candida levels in your body. If you have harsh candida symptoms, there is an overgrowth of the fungi in your body and that means that some foods may need to be minimized or eliminated until you get the candida under control, but for heaven’s sake, don’t starve yourself.

worried mom concerned about the effects of candidaHere’s what happens when you change your diet thinking that the diet alone will reduce the level of candida to a level where you feel healthy again:

  • When you stop eating the foods that feed Candida, the Candida goes into an armored spore form, which means the fungi will protect itself by transforming itself into a dormant form.
  • If you are not doing anything to remove the Candida from your body, it just lies in the dormant form until you once again begin to eat the foods that candida feeds on.
  • When you reintroduce those foods, the Candida will reactivate with great intensity, and a rapid increase of Candida waste products (acetylaldahyde and methane gas) will very quickly bring back the effects of a candida overgrowth in your body.

Balanced diets are helpful but radical diets are not. You must also do something to remove the excess Candida from your body in order to experience the healthy body you are trying to achieve.

What Can I do to remove the overgrowth of candida from my body? Will herbs and vitamins work?

First of all, you do not want to totally rid your body of candida.

Here’s why: Candida serves a useful purpose in your body and you actually need it there… (in proper quantities).

  • It cleans up dead tissues in the body.
  • It also cleans up decomposing proteins in your intestines.
  • However, Candida can easily get out of control when you ‘feed it’ too much of what it likes, or when you take heavy doses or large amounts of antibiotics.
  • The antibiotics kill the natural bacteria in your body which help control (manage) the level of Candida.
  • Other stresses on the body’s internal biological balance can also stimulate the fungi to reproduce (sporing) at accelerated rates.

healthy choices to kill candida naturallySecondly, during research over the last several years about using so-called Candida killing herbs and supplements, I found that most of the ‘Candida-killing’ formulas have very little killing power, they don’t manage or control high levels of Candida, and they provide very little benefit to the person taking them.

You may have heard that some “findings” show that herbs and extracts such as Paul D’Arco root, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, oil of oregano, garlic, etc., only aggravate the candida and the symptoms caused by it.It is believed that these herbs and supplements actually kill the Candida, and toxins produced by the ‘die-off’ create a temporary illness called ‘Candida-die-off’.

This is total nonsense! The reason people experience the so-called Candida die-off is due to the fact that whatever they are using to kill the fungi is an irritant to the Candida, and the Candida produces large amounts of acetylaldahyde and methane gas, which causes the person to feel terrible physically. So, the ‘healing crisis’ people experience is not healing at all – it’s misleading information about properly treating an out of control candida growth in their body.

On the other hand, some very effective products and have been developed to help the body’s natural immune system kill off extreme levels of Candida in the body. Remember, our immune system is programmed to leave the Candida alone, otherwise, there would be no Candida at all in our body and a balanced level Candida is actually necessary.

A specific enzyme helps kill over-growths of Candida in the intestines, and specific homeopathic remedies artificially stimulate the immune system to kill off extreme levels of Candida. These are the most effective ways to minimize a high level of Candida to more of a manageable level that supports the body and does not produce a large amount of toxins as mentioned above.

Why am I getting sicker when I’m supposed to be getting better?

Sometimes the effective supplements that actually kill Candida can also cause temporary reactive symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea. These reactions are caused by the Candida in this way: as the extremely high levels of the fungi are being decimated, the Candida produces large amounts of toxins (acetylaldahyde and methane gas) to deter the person from using the effective remedy. These reactions will stop once the extreme level of Candida is brought down to a level that is no longer controlling the body, but the body is controlling the candida.

(Saliva Test) I have all the classic symptoms of elevated levels of Candida in my body, but the Candida saliva test indicated that I do not. Could there be something else?

Some researchers believe that the saliva test is not a valid method to measure the amount of Candida in a person’s body. Candida is normally found in the blood and the intestines, thus a saliva test may not be very accurate when it comes to determining the specific level of candida.

Can I control Candida overgrowth just by taking lactobacillus acidophilis and bifidus?

great health using colloidal silver for CandidaWhen Candida is at a very high level in the body, including the digestive tract, taking Lactobacillus acidophilis and bifidus or yogurt will have no effect on the fungi. You must first lower the level of Candida to a level where these good microbes can take charge and start to do their jobs.

I have been taking acidophilus multiple times throughout the week and in multiple forms. I eat lots of yogurt and I take probiotics also. Am I getting rid of Candida?

Probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilis and bifidus help keep Candida in check. But if Candida is at a high level in the digestive tract just taking large quantities of acidophilus and bifidus will not bring the Candida level down to a manageable level.

You can eat buckets of yogurt or take in lots of high powered probiotics and the high levels of Candida will remain unchanged. The only time acidophilus and bifidus will keep the levels of Candida at the normal level for the body’s internal environment is when the out of control Candida level is reduced to a manageable level first.

One of the ways to bring down a high level of Candida in the intestines is to use Candidazyme to dissolve Candida from the throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Over a relatively short period of time, 2-3 weeks, Candida can be brought down to a level where the acidophilus and bifidus in the gastrointestinal system will have a better chance to keep the fungi in check.

Candida levels will fluctuate in the body. When Candida is fed the foods it likes, the Candida will move to a level where the acidophilus and bifidus will not have the power to control the Candida. You will know this is happening because the Candida symptoms will be back with a vengeance.

Taking Candidazyme will quickly return the candida level to a more manageable level for the acidophilus and bifidus. Remember, you do not want to kill all the candida in your body. Candida has its job in the body to help clean up any dead or injured tissue cells. Candida is part of the body’s scavenger system. But when it gets out of control, the toxins that it gives off as a waste product (acetylaldehyde and methane gas) will cause the vast array of symptoms that Candida suffers know about.

Once the Candida has been reduced to a manageable level, a person can live life to their liking. Just have your arsenal ready to knock the elevated level of candida down quickly, Candidazyme and homeopathic remedies specific for candida and you’ll be fine.

I was told that the acidophilus I had been taking for years is not the best because it wasn’t enterically coated and my stomach acid destroyed the Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus before it got to my intestines. Is that true?

No. What you were told is totally untrue. If you eat yogurt or take acidophilus and bifidus orally, the bacteria will survive quite well getting through the stomach acid in your digestive tract.

If the above statement was true, then how would the lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus get started in all of our digestive tracts. The first introduction of this good bacteria into our systems first occurred when we were breastfed as a baby and the good bacteria was implanted in our intestines via the stomach. This good bacteria acidophilus and bifidus made it through the stomach acid just fine. If an infant wasn’t breastfed then there were other sources of this bacterial that eventually cultivated the colonies in our intestinal tract.

The acidophilus in the yogurt you eat will survive on its way through the stomach to the intestinal tract. Remember if there is a need to take probiotics, you should take acidophilus orally either by powder or in cultured yogurt. The acidophilus or bifidus does not have to be encapsulated or enterically coated.

Whenever I eat something that has MSG in it, I develop a headache within 15 minutes and it can last for hours and sometimes even all day. What’s going on?

We hear that a lot followed by something like this: “When I eat something that causes a similar headache, even if MSG isn’t listed in the ingredients, I have a suspicion that MSG is in that product because it is producing the same type of headache.”

To answer the first part of your question, MSG absolutely feeds Candida. Because candida feeds on MSG when it is introduced to the body, candida will start giving off waste products such as acetylaldehyde, which will produce various symptoms that are candida related. MSG also affects the nervous system in a very adverse way. So the combination of candida and neurological impact makes MSG a “must not eat” item when it comes to things that feed candida.

The answer to the second part of your question: some foods that you buy do not have MSG on the label. The reason is because of the increasing popularity of added chemicals and agents. Concern over what consumers put into their bodies is a big issue these days. So the food companies are now apparently disguising MSG by naming it something else like “other spices” or “natural flavors”.

Recently the FDA approved the use of “all natural flavoring” to replace the word MSG. So if you go to a Chinese restaurant, be sure to ask that they leave out the MSG. Remember that they can’t stop the MSG in the egg rolls and soups. Hopefully you will not be getting a dose that triggers any of the candida symptoms. If you do, you may want to stay away from egg rolls and soups. When you get the candida level down, you might be able to try them again and see if you get an MSG type reaction.

Some remedies that claim to help kill Candida have fermentation products and sugar in them. Why do people note a reduction in their Candida symptoms when they take them?

By feeding the Candida in their body the fuel that the fungus needs to thrive and multiply, Candida will reward that person by secreting a chemical that makes them feel good. This only lasts until the person stops feeding the fungus that particular substance and then the Candida will punish them by dumping out lots of acetylaldahyde which brings back the symptoms with a vengeance. So the person takes the substances again and the Candida backs off on the acetylaldahyde and secretes the chemical that makes them feel good. I call this making a pact with the Candida. Sounds bizarre, but it is true.

People and practitioners and supplement companies that advocate using certain remedies or concoctions that feed the Fungus will get results and a reduction of Candida symptoms. But when they stop taking these substances the Candida symptoms come back with fervor. Then the person takes the substances again and the Candida symptoms subside. This is quite a phenomenon. People feed the Fungus what it likes and Candida makes them feel good. You can see this over and over again. For instance, apple cider vinegar and honey is a remedy used over the ages to help arthritis.

This is a great example of making a pact with the Fungus. Apple cider vinegar is like “rocket fuel” to Candida. When you feed Candida apple cider vinegar, the Candida becomes supercharged and the honey feeds it also. So you have a major treat for Candida and the Candida rewards that person by secreting a chemical that attaches to the Mu opiate receptors in the brain resulting in that person feeling good all over. So the person uses that substance repeatedly to feel good and reduce their arthritis pain that was probably caused originally by the fungus toxins in their joints and muscles.

Does my craving for chocolate have anything to do with Candida symptoms?

A person has a craving for chocolate so they consume a large quantity and feel a kind of euphoria afterwards. The next day they feel terrible and may have a bad headache or feel like they had the flu or even a hangover although they didn’t have any alcohol. What happened is that the craving was likely induced by chemicals secreted by the Candida and the euphoria was from the chemicals that were secreted after eating chocolate.

This is like having a little shot of morphine. The Candida meanwhile feeds on the sugar and gives off acetylaldahyde as a waste product and the person feels lousy the next day from the acetylaldahyde toxicity. There are other substances that feed Candida with similar outcomes but the magnitude of reward and punishment is equal to the grade of fuel you feed Candida.

Foods that have the highest-grade levels of fuel for Candida will make this pact with Candida harder to break – sort of like making a pact with the Devil.

Are some sugars OK to eat or take as a supplement if you’re trying not to feed Candida?

All sugars, even simple sugars, will feed Candida.  Important; anything that has an “ose” after the name consists of sugar. Fructose, sucrose, anything with an “ose” ending will feed Candida. There is no “good” sugar when it comes to not feeding Candida. Elimination of sugar is essential in the treatment of Candida.

You must follow this advice or you will never recover from the toxins given off by the accelerated levels of the fungus in your body. CandidaZyme will reduce the level of Candida in your intestinal tract over a short period of time and will help you maintain the manageable level of Candida once it has been reached.

If I have candida, is eating fruit multiple times a day or week healthy?

Eating large amounts of fruit every day is not a good idea because fruit has fructose (fruit sugar). Some fruit has more sugar than others. Bananas and apples are very high in fructose levels. They carry the most sugar compared to other fruits.

You can eat fruit but be aware that if you have high levels of Candida in your body, fruit will fuel the fungus overgrowth and keep you feeling bad. One way to eat fruit, even bananas and apples, is to take some CandidaZyme 10 to 20 minutes after you have eaten it. The CandidaZyme will dissolve the Candida while it is feeding on the sugars in the fruit. You can also sprinkle one teaspoon over the cut up fruit like in a fruit salad. This will take care of the Candida.

fruits and vegetables you could eat while fighting candida.Remember, fruit is OK to eat but in moderation and not every day. When you bring down the high levels of Candida in the body, then you can start experimenting to determine what fruit gives you trouble with Candida.

You may want to start with fruits that have less fructose like watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, blueberries or cherries. Peaches and pineapple feed the fungus more, and bananas and apples are the worst because they have the highest sugar levels.

What is in vinegar that feeds the Candida?

Anything that has vinegar or anything that has gone through a fermenting process or has byproducts of fermentation that you ingest will feed Candida. Candida loves things that have been fermented. It is like rocket fuel for Candida. The things to avoid are: soy sauce and vinegars of all types such as rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar or wine and balsamic vinegars.

Once you have reduced the high levels of Candida in the body, you can try to introduce foods with low levels of vinegar into your diet such as ketchup, mustard, salad dressing or coleslaw. If you get a reaction from feeding the Candida too much, you can reduce the increased levels of Candida and Candida toxins by using CandidaZyme to dissolve the Candida produced in the digestive tract. This is a good way to experiment with adding foods to your diet but still come out of a Candida reaction quickly.

Other foods produced by fermentation are cheese, bread, beer, wine and alcohol. Some of these fuel the fungus more than others. For instance, micro-brewed beers have active yeast in them and would be more of a Candida feeder than brand name beers. All wines feed Candida, but white wines that are sweet add to extra Candida growth. Margaritas really feed Candida because of the tequila, salt and sugar in the mixture. Cheese will feed Candida. Lighter cheeses such as Swiss cheese, mozzarella or blue cheese tend to have less impact on Candida growth than cheddar which really feeds Candida.

Bread also has fermentation products in it that feed Candida. The yeast fermentation that is one of the main ingredients in bread making will feed Candida every time you eat bread. Eating only one or two pieces will be fine once you have lowered the level of Candida in your system. If you eat a large quantity of bead, then you might have trouble with the Candida. You can use CandidaZyme to counteract the fungus that is stimulated by the bread you eat in excess.

Don’t Let Candida Steal Your Life

The itching, burning and unpleasantness of yeast infections can make living with them nearly impossible. When it’s time to explore an effective, natural Candida treatment.

A scientifically engineered colloidal silver product that’s made solely from pure silver and distilled water may do the trick. When Candidiasis is better understood, it becomes clear why many people need the extra treatment boost natural products can provide.

Look, it is crazy to continue to suffer this way.  Let us help you destroy your Candida once and for all.